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CD-R Auricle AMCDR 078 37'50"+ CD-R 7.00 + p&p
DL Auricle AMDL 007

1. We Toil, And Let The Nurses Out 17'30"
The Miskatonic Medical School 20'15"

+ Invisible Guitar Sextet 22'07"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (July-August 2001), with additional material,
overdubs & mixdown (2 April 2002).

Alan Freeman: guitar with Zoom effects, Korg Poly 800 & Doepfer MS-404 synths, Alesis Air FX, acoustic CD, Roland GR-33 guitar synth, voice, etc.
Steve Freeman: guitar with Korg ToneWork effects, Yamaha CS-5 & Octave Cat synths, loops, acoustic CD, Bass guitar, cymbals.

The CD-R release includes a special PC CD-Rom mini graphic web-site, including 11 minutes of mp3 album samples, etc. plus the unreleased 22 minute "Invisible Guitar Sextet" (included as a bonus track with the download version)

"Acoustic Surgery" was conceived as the debut vinyl release from Alto Stratus, a band in existence for some 20 years, with numerous cassette and CD releases. It was created purely for those that love the LP vinyl format, but it was not to be! The art of Alto Stratus could be seen as acoustic surgery, as we manipulate and create sound in our Tachyon Studio, a small audio operating theatre in South Leicester. These sessions resulted in yet more material over the following few weeks (alongside a busy live period with our other band Endgame) collected together as the Alto Stratus CD release "Psychosis".
We Toil, And Let The Nurses Out...
Conceived after the creation of a montage acted out by Alan, recorded and then
multi-tracked by Steve. Inspired by such classic albums from Xhol Caravan and Red Noise Steve had always wanted to do an album opening with a toilet flushing. Alan wanted to do more than that, creating a whole drama of someone out of breath desperate to get to the toilet! The completed collage was then played back, a few weeks later, as the source opening to a purely improvised spontaneous creation. The initial intent was to create a Newt Hounds work but, only a couple of minutes in, we had let the Nurses out and ventured elsewhere! Except for the pre-prepared sound tapes, and then some minor panning and EQ on the mix-down, this is a live performance, created as you hear it.
The Miskatonic Medical School...
The macabre world of H.P. Lovecraft was the inspiration for this bizarre creation. Here we slice with sonic scalpels, as wires meet flesh and an acoustic transformation happens. Imagine you are in the mortuary, in the Miskatonic Medical School, Arkham, as Herbert West reaches for the syringe. Reading the book whilst listening to this is not recommended!

on YouTube...
We Toil, And Let The Nurses Out (extract)
The Miskatonic Medical School (extract)

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/3/2006.

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