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Dark Star DS201 CDR 56'07" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Op 73, Part 1 27'10"
Op 73, Part 2 28'55"

Composed, produced and engineered by Vrije (A&S Freeman, aka Alto Stratus).
Recorded at Nekrosis Studio, Leicester (Winter 1983-1984).

Another strange concept opus in the manner of "Gravamina For Uxoricide" with all sorts of influences, a lot of Throbbing Gristle and Konstruktivits especially, sci-fi and horror stuff (for a while we taped every good movie on TV to resource as sound material). Elements as diverse as Dome, Hawkwind, Cluster, Heldon, and much more can be heard, and a lot that was our own different/unique way of doing things. Amazing what you can do with limited instrumentation when you put your mind to it (basically a synthesizer and Casio keyboard, plus home made gadgets, tapes and voice). It's one of the first thematic multi-part works (constructed as a lot of separate pieces then later cut and mixed together) that we did that was quite successful. It's quite an intense listen, and very much of its era.

on YouTube...
Diabolik Trepidation montage

Originally a cassette (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/1/1984.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2010.

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