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Dark Star DSC DS213 CDR 61'11" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Shipwreck 12'05"
Blizzard 6'41"
Drowning 4'42"
Tsunami 6'33"
Resurrection 31'05"

Composed, produced and engineered by Vrije (A&S Freeman, aka Alto Stratus).
Recorded at Nekrosis Studio, Leicester (June-July 1983).

The original release didn't credit everything we used....
ITT cassette deck (rewired as a noise generator for bio-feedback electronics), Yamaha synthesizer, Casio keyboards, radio, Casio calculator (overload pulse with radio), portable cassette recorders, manipulated tape, turntable (classical & avant-garde records, Ligeti, Lucier, etc., sound-effects records), voice, objects (doors, drawers, wood, metal, glass), motors, plus distortion, chorus & overdrive effects.

Holy Atheist > Vrije > Alto Stratus...
This cassette was an attempt to revisit the best ideas of the early Holy Atheist project with the new better equipment and more developed ideas/know-how that we had in mid 1983, resulting in what is one of the most extreme and scary releases that we have ever made! That said though, it is still artistically valid, and is an interesting departure/side-track from much of what we were doing at the time, involving much use of "Zircon" the rewired feedback electronic tool, radiophonic calculator distortion, and other such primitive electronics, alongside synthesizers, layered mutlti-tracking, etc. "New Life" is not at all easy listening, and is destined to challenge, so be prepared for a "heavy trip".

on YouTube...
New Life montage

Originally a cassette (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/7/1983.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2010.

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