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ASYLUM - The YouTube remixes

DL Auricle AMDL 016 46'07"

1. No Inset (remix) 11'23"
2. We Toil, And Let The Nurses Out (remix) 5'52"
3. The Stalker Suite (remix) 10'09"
4. The Miskatonic Medical School (remix) 3'17"
5. The Machine Is Broken (remix) 5'45"
6. Ion Nest (abridged) 9'41"

original recordings from...
1/6 TENSION! Auricle AMCDR 008 1984/2001
2/4 ACOUSTIC SURGERY Auricle AMCDR 078 2001/2002
3/5 DEVASTATION Auricle AMCDR 026 2002/2003

Alan Freeman: analogue & digital synthesizers, guitar, guitar synth, effects, acoustic CD, spring-board, cymbal, bells, rattles, voice, etc.
Steve Freeman: guitar, bass, analogue synthesizers, loops, effects, tape collage, turntable, acoustic CD, cymbals, chains, rain stick, voice.

Special compilation of remixed, abridged, enhanced recordings uploaded as preview videos on YouTube January-February 2012. They sounded so good as an album, so I thought "Why not?" - So, grab yourself a bargain priced intro to Alto Stratus!

Bandcamp download - released 8/2/2012.
Routenote distributed download - released 30/1/2016.

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