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Dark Star DS101 CDR 52'05" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Certain Aspects Of Urban Decay 25:00

2. A Kaleidoscope Of Ideas 27:02



Composed & produced by a.s. 1983.

Recorded at Dark Star Studio, Leicester.

Cover art: ACF.

Original cassette: (Dark Star 101) 1984


Authentic original master transferred to digital and repaired by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields, Leicester in March 2019.


Reissue design by Xylem


Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman

electronics, tapes, etc.


Thanks to E. Minne for guitar tracks.


Very much a continuation from the ideas of earlier cassettes like Gravamina For Uxoricide and Diabolik Trepidation, this had two side-long patchwork suites that flowed as complex works. Although they may sound like composed performances, they were actually sewn together often by bouncing previously recorded tracks from two cassette machines whilst adding a third layer. Primitive, it was remarkable what was achieved without the use of a mixer.

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Certain Aspects Of Urban Decay (extract)

Originally a cassette (quantity unknown) - released ?/1/1984.
CDR reissue: Numbered edition - released: 1/5/2019.

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Alto Stratus on Discogs

CD-R release
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