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Dark Star DS103 CDR  58'52"  CD-R £5.00 + p&p

1. Echo 28:30

2. Epatant 30:20



Produced by Alto Stratus.

Recorded at Dark Star Studio, Leicester (January 1984).

Cover by SWF.


This is from the original c60 version

Original cassette: (Dark Star DS103) © 1984


Authentic original master transferred to digital and repaired by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields, Leicester in March 2019.


Reissue design by Xylem


Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman

echo, synthesizer, sounds & voice.


Épatant was our first really explorative work involving use of echo machine. The Evans echo EP50 still works fine 35 years later and has been a trusty part of studio and live work ever since. But, in these early days, it was used to excess - often as much as an instrument as a mere effects machine. Most of the synthesizer heard is the Yamaha CS-5, plus a Casio keyboard that died when a drink got spilled over it.
I think the title Épatant! = Amazing! in French, summed up how amazed we were with what we were recording.

on YouTube...
Epatant "Echo" extract

Originally a cassette (quantity unknown) - released ?/1/1984.
CDR reissue: Numbered edition - released: 1/5/2019.

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CD-R release
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