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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. refound stock,
promos or second-hand.
If so, it will either be listed on
Discogs or the UT catalogue.

We may negotiate a repress in
the future. So watch this space!


Auricle AMCDR 232 59'54" SOLD OUT

1. Second First At Last 20'06"

Rehearsal, Smash Studios, NYC, March 9, 1996

Christian Doscher: guitar
John Ortega: processed bass
Joey Murphy: bass
Hadley Kahn: drums

2. Tilt 8'54"

Rehearsal, Smash Studios, NYC, May 18, 1997

Joey Murphy: guitar
John Ortega: bass
Paul Hilzinger: Kurzweil synthesizer
Hadley Kahn: drums

3. A Succession Of Tableaus 30'50"

Live at Context Performance Space, NYC, Jan. 3, 1997

Paul Casanova: guitar, percussion
Paul Hilzinger: Moog & Cat synthesizers, sampler, feedback generator
John Ortega: PPG Wave 2.3 synthesizer, processed bass
Joey Murphy: bass
Hadley Kahn: drums

20th anniversary edition.
Originally released in 1997 on Mother West (mwr0107097) CDR
License: Hadley Kahn on behalf of Escapade.
Reissue project, mastering & cover: Alan Freeman.

Purely for fans of the band, this is a limited CDR featuring three live jams from this New York space-rock combo. Typical free-riffing stuff with a few familiar themes thrown in, anyone into the more out-there realms of Hawkwind and early Djam Karet should love this. (Audion #39 from 1997)

on YouTube...
Tilt (extract)

20 copy numbered first edition - released 3/1/2017

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