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1. Agitation Free - Exploration 1972  23:38 *
Alcatraz - Vampire Building (session) 1971  8:35 *
Alcatraz - Walhallah (session) 1971  13:19 *
Brainstorm - Jam 1974  21:24 *
EarTrancePort - Fur Dein Ohr  8:47 *
Embryo - rehearsal (extract) 1969  9:28 *
Embryo - Live In Kabul (extract) 1978  9:06
Embryo - Live extract 2002  11:30
Faust - Munic Party  1:46 *
10. Faust - Munic Untitled  6:44 *
Guru Guru - Electric Junk 1971  7:14
Guru Guru - Der Elektrolurch 1973  13:17
Kontrast - Rules Of The Band  5:58
Krautzone - Superkraut I  11:18 *
Mythos - Unknown (extract) 1971  3:42
Neuemeier-Genrich-Schmidt - unreleased 2003  5:52
Orange Peel - Jam (extract) 1970  3:31
Out Of Focus - Hey John 1976  10:44
Out Of Focus - Kneitinging 1978  13:57
Prof Wolfff - Hans Im Gluck (live) 1972  6:44 *
Prof Wolfff - Jam (live) 1973  5:11 *
Rollkommando - Colditz & demo  3:58
Günter Schickert - Kemenate Prayer extract 2002  8:12
Schickert & Strodthoff - Apricot Brandy 2001  11:01
Vibravoid - Ballspeaker-Live 20:10 *
Welcome - Sweet Hole 15:55 *
Welcome - Welcome 8:52 *
Xhol Caravan - Bassic Cutout (extract) 1969  5:40

duration: 4:35:37  (* 2:41:57 new)

Track information...

Agitation Free: TU Mensa Berlin 24/03/1972 - from a recording supplied by Michael "Fame" Gunther, here remastered for better sound.

Alcatraz: rehearsal sessions from 1971 when Thomas Hockling was a member. Line-up unknown.

Brainstorm: Bochum 13/07/1974 - unreleased live

EarTrancePort: Immeldorf 04/07/1998 - unreleased live
international ethno-fusion with two Amon Düül II / Embryo members
Dieter Serfas: drums, percussion, Harry Payuta: didgeridoo, Abdelmajid Domnati: saz, Massa Traore: djembe, dholak, Chris Karrer: oud

Embryo: rehearsal (extract) 1969
Christian Burchard, Lothar Meid, Edgar Hofmann.
Embryo: Live in Kabul (extract) 1978. Line-up unknown.
Embryo: 2002, Hallo Mik tour. Line-up unknown.

Faust: 2 unreleased tracks from Faust V, 1975

Guru Guru: Electric Junk, location unknown, 1971
Mani Neumeier: drums, percussion, vocals, Uli Trepte: bass, electronics, vocals, Ax Genrich: guitar.

Guru Guru: Der Elektrolurch, location unknown, 1973
Mani Neumeier: drums, vocals, Ax Genrich: guitar, Bruno Schaab: bass.

Kontrast: from unfinished 2nd LP of Kontrast, recorded 1986
Remigius Drechsler: bass, percussion, organ, Paul Smyth: words, Gabi Bergmann-Schubert: vocals, Winny Matthias: violin, Mike Patzelt: hand drums, Christian Bäck: alto saxophone.

Krautzone:- Superkraut I, alternative cut from the album.
Recorded at Amöbenklangraum 31/12/2013 by Sula Bassana.
Onkel Kaktus: bass, Rainer Neeff: guitar, Komet Lulu: drums, Sula Bassana: synthie, Modulfix: synthie.

Mythos: Eden Theatre, Berlin, 1971
Line-up probably: Stephan Kaske: guitars, sitar, flute, synthesizer, vocals, Harald Weiße: bass, acoustic guitar, effects, Thomas Hildebrand: drums, percussion.

Neumeier-Genrich-Schmidt: Cafe Cairo, Würzburg, 13/6/2003
"Psychedelic Monsterjam" Mani Neumeier: drums, percussion, vocals, Ax Genrich: guitar, Dave Schmidt: bass.

Orange Peel: Location unknown, 1970
Early line-up, possibly: Michael Winzkowski: vocals (not featured here), Leslie Link: guitar, effects, Heinrich Mohn: bass,Curt Cress: drums, percussion.
Recording supplied by Helmut Wenske.

Out Of Focus: Live in Obertheris, Germany, 1976/77
Hennes Hering: Hammond organ, Mini Moog, Klaus Spöri: drums, Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus: saxophone, Moran: vocals, flute, Stefan Wiesheu: bass, Remigius Drechsler: guitar

Out Of Focus: Live in Kneiting, Germany 1978
Remigius Drechsler: guitar, vibraphone, Moran: vocal, flute, Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus: saxophone, Evelyn Drechsler: bass, Ralph Dippel: drums, Matthias Döring: electric piano

Prof Wolfff: Hans Im Gluck (live) 1972
musicians unknown

Prof Wolfff: Jam (live) 1973
Romi Schickle: organ, Friedrich  Glorian: bass, Peter Bochtler: drums; plus guest: Helmut Binzer: guitar.

Rollkommando: Colditz & demo, Studio, circa 1984
Jörg Reimann, Holger Klupsch

Günter Schickert: Kemenate Prayer extract 2002, Location unknown.

Günter Schickert & Jörg Strodthof: "Meditations Konzert"
5 October 2001 at the Auenkirche Wilmersdorf
Günter Schickert: guitar, Jörg Strodthof: Furtwängler & Hammer/Noske organ.

Vibravoid - Ballspeaker-Live
unreleased recording, courtesy of Chris Koch.
11/11/2017 Dortmund @ Guitar Hospital
Christian Koch: guitar vocals, Dario Treese: organ, bass, Frank Matenaar: drums

Welcome - Sweet Hole & Welcome
unreleased recordings, courtesy of Martin Wieschermann
ca. 1980 unreleased demo sessions
Houschäng Nejadepour: guitar, Martin Wieschermann: drums, and others.

Xhol Caravan: Altena festival, 1969
Tim Belbe: tenor saxophone, Hansi Fischer: soprano saxophone, flute, Öcki von Brevern: organ, Werner Funk: guitar, Klaus Briest: bass, Skip van Wyck: drums.

That's over 4 hours of largely unreleased and rare Krautrock and related material! * are not on the previous CD-Rom issue, total 2:41:57

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