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Catalogue # 192 (January-February 2022), online version

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Welcome to a new Ultima Thule list, and a happy new year to you all as well. Even though 2020 was an especially good for us due to more people using mail-order, 2021 was a more troublesome year due to Brexit hassles, although we still did okay. So it would be great if we can weather such battles and have a great year in 2022 again. To that end, we keep on trying to find new sources for great music, which is sometimes tricky balancing what we can afford to buy against what we expect to sell (the big unknown). Anyway, as usual, this means a good wealth of new titles on this list, including lots of imports and obscurities you'll be hard-pushed to find anywhere else.

   Don't forget the new The Crack In The Cosmic Egg rom (see page), plus the new Audion 66 pdf/multimedia magazine and more back issues (see page).

   So, enjoy your browse through this new list, and we hope you find plenty to tempt you. Updates will be posted on the UT website and Discogs. And, lastly, keep on enjoying the music!

Cheers - Alan & Steve.   3 January 2022.


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