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A unique voice, exploring adventurous music that others ignore! Audion Magazine (established in 1986) has a reputation for its different stance
on modern music, ever willing to embrace the unusual, and seek-out those that have helped shape the face of new-music, from rock/folk/jazz
through to the avant-garde. Audion doesn't adhere to trends or fashion, it exists purely for the love of the music. So, if you're into anything
musically progressive or unusual, you are sure to find Audion essential reading! And, of course, if you're into Krautrock, genuine progressive,
and the music the mainstream and general alternative press ignore - this is the place!

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Audion issues...


Audion #1 (6/1986)
Andrew Poppy, Peter Frohmader (interview & reviews), Eno Brothers (interview), AMP Records, ECM New Series,
Whatever Happened to Guru Mani?, Illusion Productions, Sky Records, Reviews: Yas-Kaz, David Torn, Haruomi Hosono,
Kevin O'Neill, Pascal Languirand, Tangerine Dream, Debile Menthol, Nurse With Wound, Steve Reich, Stephan Micus, , etc.

Audion #2 (9/1986) reprint, 5 copies, price: £4.00
Michael Stearns, Uppsala, Kevin O'neill, New 7th Music, Gavin Bryars, Pan East, Sky Records, Crammed: Made To Measure,
Audion Recording Co., United Dairies, Innovative Communication, Reviews: Biomechanoid, Embryo, Klaus Schulze, Deuter,
Art Zoyd, Klaus Wiese, Doubling Riders, Everyman Band, Steve Roach, Philip Glass, Die Wand An, etc.

Audion #3 (1/1987) reprint, 3 copies, price: £4.00
United Dairies, Michel Huygen (interview), Delphes Records, ECM New Series, Lotus Electronica 1986, Auricle Music,
Philip Glass (concert review), Stephan Micus, Peter Frohmader (interview), Gyorgy Ligeti, Musea (inc. Shub Niggurath), Fønix,
Recommended Records, Reviews: Urban Sax, The Residents, Rancid Poultry, Robert Fripp, Terry Riley, etc.

Audion #4 (4/1987)
Shub Niggurath, Electronica 1986, Thunderbolt Records (InTeam reissues), Riccardo Sinigaglia, Muslimgauze, Bill Nelson,
Made To Measure, Aeoliah, Robert Fripp, O Yuki Conjugate, Recommended Records, ADN, Colors, Audion Recording Co.,
United Dairies, etc. (inc. Guru Guru/Uli Trepte), reviews: Nazca, Rufus Zuphall, Youth & Ben Watkins, Bruce Gilbert, etc.

Audion #5 (7/1987) reprint, 6 copies, price: £4.00
Steve Roach, Ken Moore, ADN, Recommended Records, Asmus Tietchens, Behind The Iron Curtain: Hungarian Rock, Network 23,
Hamster Records, Synergy, Nik Tyndall, Wolfgang Hertz, Celestial Harmonies, Tago Mogo, Made To Measure, Sky Records,
Colors, Kuckuck, A letter from Thailand, Reviews: Can, Klaus Schulze, The Land Of Yrx, Steve Tibbetts, etc.

Audion #6 (10/1987) reprint, 7 copies, price: £4.00
Robert Rich, Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes, Philip Perkins, AMP Records Festival, Haruomi Hosono, Mnemonists/Biota,
Orient Express, Recommended Records, Thunderbolt Records, Hamster Records, United Dairies, Disques Du Soleil Et De L'acier,
Musea, Djam Karet, Poultry Products, Reviews: Holger Czukay, Grobschnitt, DdAA, Embryo, Red Twist & Tuned Arrow, etc.

Audion #7 (1/1988)
Steve Hillman, Ron Berry, Eloy, Wayside Music / Cuneiform, Recommended Records, Audion Recording Co.,
Behind The Iron Curtain: Polish Rock, Discos Esplendor Geometrico, I.C. Deutsche Austrophon, U.K. Electronika 1987,
Yochk'o Seffer, Dom Records, Mike Brooks, Reviews: Neuronium, HNAS, Limpe Fuchs, Altais, Lightwave, etc.

Audion #8 (5/1988)
Popol Vuh, Tim Story, New Music From Mexico, News With Wound, Magma "Offering" In Concert, Recommended Records,
Muslimgauze update, Discos Esplendor Geometrico, DA Music: I.C./Racket, Cuneiform, Rotary Totem Records, Sky Records,
Cicada, Fønix Musik, Poultry Productions, Michael Neil, Rotary Totem Records, Poultry Productions, etc.

Audion #9 (8/1988) reprint, 4 copies, price: £4.00
Peter Hammill & Guy Evans (in concert), Embryo - Deutsch-Rock 3, Fønix Musik, David Prescott, Generations Unlimited,
Baschet Brothers - Sound Sculptures, Recklesss Records, Discos Y Cintas Esplendor Geometrico, Recommended Records,
Reviews: Stephan Micus, Klaus Schulze, Eider Stellaire, Rousseau, Zone, New World (label), Dawn Awakening (label), etc.

Audion #10 (11/1988) reprint, 3 copies, price: £4.00
Uk Electronica 88, Wondeur Brass, Ole Højer Hansen, Recommended Records, Eberhard Weber, ECM Records, Edition RZ,
Nodens Ictus, New Abion, Face To Face: Djam Karet <> Steve Roach, Leo Records, Generations Unlimited, Musea Records,
Cuneiform, New-Age Music update: New World, Oreade, Aquamarin, Spirit Music, Fønix, Aeoliah, etc.

Audion #11 (3/1989) stock: 85 copies, price: £3.00
David Torn!, Better Days Distribution, Peter Frohmader new releases, Friendsound, Behind The Iron Curtain - Part 3: East Germany,
Due (interview), Eduardo Polonio (interview), Musea Records, Pierrot Lunaire - An Italian Rock Legend,
Brain 1000 Series - Classic Labels #1, Clonicos, Circadian Rhythm, Reviews: Tonspur Tapes, Jabir, etc.

Audion #12 (6/1989) reprint, stock: 4 copies, price: £4.00
Forum Neue Musik, Günter Schickert (interview), Loren Nerell & Walter Holland - Face To Face (Interviews), Cuneiform,
Shylock - French Rock Legend, Network 23 Festival - Cardiff 18/3/89, Ian Boddy - In concert, Gateshead 24/2/89,
Gunner Møller Pedersen, Chillum, Welcome Back Germany!, Cosmic Music - Classic labels #2, Sky Records, etc.

Audion #13 (11/1989)
Recommended Distribution, Faust - Breaking All The Rules..., Tangle Edge, Matt Howarth, Fred Frith & Keep The Dog 3/7/89,
Terry Riley & Zeitgeist - Cardiff 20/5/89, Behind The Iron Curtain, Part 4: USSR, Generations Unlimited, Alain Neffe (interview),
Rascal Reporters, plus: Anaid, It's My Head / Steve Hubback, The Rain Garden, reviews: Amon Düül. Guru Guru, Trikont, etc.

Audion #14 (3/1990) stock: 34 copies, price: £4.00
Welcome Back Germany!, Jack Tamul, French Progressif, Musea Records, Lawrence Ball, Recommended Records, Gerard,
GRRR! Un Drame Musical Instantane, Bernard Vitet, etc., Live In Leicester: Nexus, Amadinda, Shiva Nova, Silence Records,
From The Archives Banco, East Of Eden, High Tide, Electronical Dreams, etc.

Audion #15 (7/1990) stock: 23 copies, price: £4.00
Italian Progressive Rock - reissue explosion!, Peter Schaefer (interview), Silence Records (update), Far Out, Artis, Grobschnitt,
New World, Musea Records, Rescued Relics Beggars Opera, Marsupilami, Steel Mill, etc., Direction Music, reviews: Ashra,
Chris & Cosey, Achim Gieseler, Kennedy, Nurse With Wound / Current 93 / Slo Invictus "Cerne" box set, etc.

Audion #16 (10/1990) reprint, stock: 1 copy, price: £6.00
Look De Bouk (interview), Forest Fang, Mantra label, Emma Myldenberger / Radio Noisz Ensemble, Kornberger & Kuhn (interview),
The Ordinaires - Live in London 17/6/90, Cyrille Verdeaux - The eternally evolving Clearlight Symphony, Rancid Poultry,
Rudiger Lorenz (interview), Ohr Records - Classic labels #3, plus: Empreintes Digitales, Materiali Sonori, Tangle Edge live, etc.

Audion #17 (1/1991)
Necronomicon - Vier Kapitel LP set, CMP - Creative Music Productions, Behind The Iron Curtain, Part 5: Czechoslovakia,
Hearts Of Space, Tim Stebbing , Fonomusic - Viva Rock Espana!, Tangerine Dream - Live 1990, Thinking Plague (interview),
Isildurs Bane, Karnataka, plus: Morphogenesis, Zoviet France, etc., reviews: Deyss, Rousseau, 24 Generations Unlimited (label), etc.

Audion #18 (6/1991)
Cramps Records, I.C. / Innovative Communication, Music Suite (Adrian Wagner label), Sky Records, Behind The Iron Curtain,
Ohrwaschl - Presents Kuckuck Classics, Recommended Records, Oregon - Live in Leicester 3/12/90, Penguin Café Orchestra Live,
Shobha Gurtu / Dr. N. Rajam - Leicester 26/5/91, Pilz Records - Classic Labels, Part #4, Jeff Greinke - The Changing Skies of..., etc.

Audion #19 (8/1991) reprint, stock: 5 copies, price: £4.00
Groupe De Recherches Musicales, Keith Jarrett - Live in London 11/6/91, John Surman - On the Road from Tavistock to St. Ives,
Little Wing Of Refugees , Wavestar (interview), Steve Moore - Riding The Threshold, Amon Düül - The Many Facets of...
(Deutsche Rock, Part 5), Nurse With Wound - In A State Of Flux, Musique Intemporelle, Musea, Direction Music, Tai Phong, etc.

Audion #20 (11/1991) reprint, stock: 6 copies, price: £4.00
Lost Years In The Labyrinth - Tokyo Live Report, Bernard Parmegiani - Music In Metamorphosis, U.K. Synthasia - Liverpool 14/9/91,
Syn-Phonic - Presents "Past-Present-Future", Ryuichi Sakamoto - Live in London 13/10/91, Acousmatrix, See For Miles,
Ash Ra Tempel - Deutsche Rock, Part #6, Justine (interview), reviews: Kuckuck reissues, Art Zoyd, Djam Karet, etc.

Audion #21 (5/1992) stock: 5 copies, price: £6.00
Planet Gong + Here & Now - Live 15/2/92, Danielle Dax - Live 12/8/91, Ozric Tentacles - Live in Nottingham 30/11/91, Mugen,
Philip Glass - Live in London 22/1/92, Ron Geesin - A Soft/Loud Report, Kraftwerk - Live in Manchester 16/7/91, La Monte Young,
Klaus Schulze - Beyond Recall (article & interview), Electronical Dreams, reviews: Rabih Abou-Khalil, Tractor, Urban Sax, etc.

Audion #22 (7/1992) stock: 24 copies, price: £4.00
Caravan Of Dreams - Live 28/2/91, Ozric Tentacles - Live 29/4/92, Hawkwind - Live 18/5/92, Djam Karet & Atavism Of Twilight,
Richard Pinhas (interview), Current 93 - Keeping Up With The Current..., Anckartsröm, Igra Staklenih Perli, Sound Sculptures:
Baschet's, Partch, Bertoncini, Sonde, Ian Boddy (interview), plus: Harmonium (Canadian folk-prog), Voiceprint, Alquimia, etc.

Audion #23 (11/1992) reprint, stock: 1 copy, price: £6.00
The Rain Garden, Nurse With Wound - Weird Nurses And Fish Drinks, Faust - Live at The Marquee, London 25/10/92,
Geinoh Yamashirogumi, John Cage - The Live Electronic Works, Italian Progressive Rock - reissue explosion, part 2,
Heldon / Richard Pinhas - From the Land of Schizo & Beyond, Erdenklang, Landberk, Gong - Live in Leicester 31/10/92, etc.

Audion #24 (3/1993) stock: 38 copies, price: £3.00
Lightwave & Paul Haslinger interview, Iancu Dumitrescu, King Crimson - The Great Deceiver, Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass,
Morphogenesis - An interview with, Roach/Reyes/Schulte - live in Paderborn, Germany 2/10/92, Supersister - Who Is Nancy?,
Lovely Music, Gilbert Artman: Lard Free & Urban Sax, Miranda Sex Garden, UK Electronica, '92, Musea, etc.

Audion #25 (6/1993) stock: 46 copies, price: £3.00
Dome: Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis, Pat Metheny - live 15/4/93, Iannis Xenakis - Electronic music of..., Steve Hackett - live,
Icebreaker - Phoenix Arts, Leicester 27/4/93, Goblin - Music To Terrorise , Carpe Diem - Seize The Day!, Toru Takemitsu,
Franco Battiato - Pollution, Änglagård - Hybris, John Mclaughlin Trio, The Rain Garden, Courtyard Moth (live reviews); Edition RZ, etc.

Audion #26 (11/1993) stock: 106 copies, price: £3.00
AMP Records - Electronic Evening 27/6/93, SI Music - Progressive & Melodic Rock, Peter Michael Hamel & Between,
Jim O'rourke - Industrial Soundscapes, Luigi Russolo - Father Of Noise, Prog & Psych Labels (Background, Aftermath, BGO, etc.),
Arthur Brown - Still Crazy!, Arrival Music - Kevin O'Neill's new label, Trettoåriga Kriget - Thirty Years War, Anekdoten, etc.

Audion #27 (3/1994) stock: 100 copies, price: £3.00
UK Electronica 1993: Land Of Yrx, Richard Pinhas, Geinoh Yamashiro Gumi, Carlo La Manna, Progressive Rock Worldwide,
Ozric Tentacles - A Psychedelic History, World Music Messenger Service, Progfest '93 Citadel, Änglagård, Quill, IQ, Man live,
 Klaus Schulze - Silver Edition, Bacillus Records - Classic labels #5, Happy Family - A Japanese Zeuhl Monster, etc.

Audion #28 (6/1994)
Kalemegdan Disk, No-CD Rekords, Schicke·Führs·Fröhling, Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting At The Rock 'N' Roll Station,
The Soundworks Exchange - Goethe Instiute, London, Poisoned Electrik Head, Kava Kava - Pump & Tap, Leicester 18/2/94,
Prog & Psych Labels - Part 2: Germany, Synkronos - Electronic Music Of The Space Age , Michael Garrison, etc.

Audion #29 (10/1994) stock: 138 copies, price: £3.00
UK Electronica 1994, Voiceprint - Radio Sessions, Byoung Duk Kim, Rhys Chatham + 101 Electric Guitars, John Etheridge Band,
Mother Gong - Leicester 20/8/94, Klaus Schulze - La Cigale, Paris 27/5/94, Jean-François Pauvros / Jac Berrocal / Catalogue,
Jacques Rémus: Mecamusique, Urban Sax - The Experience, Richard Pinhas & John Livengood - interview, Odd Size, etc.

Audion #30 (2/1995) stock: 90 copies, price: £3.00
Made In Sweden 90s Style, Rock In Opposition, part 1 - Univers Zero/Present/Daniel Denis, Art Zoyd - Queen Elizabeth Hall,
Electronic Music From Cologne: Stockhausen, Eimert, etc., Morphogenesis - Conway Hall 3/11/94, New Perspectives In Music,
New Synth From Europe: Ron Boots, Frank Quasar, etc., 5uu's, The Hafler Trio, Rufus Zuphall - Avalon And On, etc.

Audion #31 (4/1995) stock: 62 copies, price: £3.00
Cuneiform Records, Legend Music, Lost Vinyl, Discipline Global Mobile, Tony Conrad With Faust + AMM - QEH, London, 17/2/95,
Art Gallery, Teru's Symphonia, Bi Kyo Ran: A Japanese Progressive Legend, Magical Power Mako, Jorge Reyes,
Rock In Opposition, part 2 - the Henry Cow legacy, plus: MIA (Argentinian prog), Grey Lady Down, Frei Zinger (live), etc.

Audion #32 (6/1996) reprint, stock: 2 copies, price: £6.00
Klaus Schulze - Historic Edition, Fille Qui Mousse, Cardboard, IQ, Rescued Relics: Akasha, Herbe Rouge, Lisker, etc.,
Ame Son - Marc Blanc interview, Krautrock Industrial - Kraftwerk, Neu!, Cluster, Tod Dockstader - Radical Sound Explorations,
reviews: Autopsia, Patricia Dallio, Happy Family, High Wheel, Labradford, Landberk, Pneuma, Jorge Reyes, Standarte, ZAO, etc.

Audion #33 (10/1995) stock: 34 copies, price: £4.00
Fushitsusha, Chris Cutler - The Interview, Rescued Relics: Atlas, Fifty Foot Hose, Vita Nova, etc., Nuova Consonanza,
Agitation Free - Roots Of The Berlin Krautrock Scene, Hoelderlin, U.K. Electronica 1995, Maureen Anderson / Shapeshifter,
reviews: Boud Deun, Cranioclast, Sul De Sac, Groon, Heretic, Magma, Melting Euphoria, Mimir, Paragong, Saddar Bazaar, etc.

Audion #34 (2/1996) reprint, stock: 4 copies, price: £4.00
Fathom, François Bayle - au Group Recherches Musicales, Art Gallery, Julian Cope's "Krautrocksampler" (book review),
Krautrock Top 50, Art Zoyd - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 31/10/95, Nik Tyndall (interview), The M.I. Rainbow Collection,
Manuel Göttsching - A Cosmic Chat With (interview), Hoenig·Göttsching, Hodgkinson, Krause, Cutler, Parkins - Stop Mortal, etc.

Audion #35 (6/1996) reprint, stock: 4 copies, price: £4.00
Krautrock second Top 50, Michel Redolfi - au Group Recherches Musicales, Manuel Göttsching - The "Private Tapes",
Morgan-Fisher, Mauricio Kagel, Florian Fricke (Popol Vuh) - interview, Mario Schönwälder (interview), Rescued Relics,
Gong etc. - The Pavilion, Bath, 6/4/96, Klaus Schulze etc. - The Assembly Rooms, Derby, 27/4/96, etc.

Audion #36 (11/1996) reprint, stock: 1 copy, price: £6.00
Embryo - Catching Up With..., Musicando, Robert Fripp - Queen Elizabeth Hall 7/3/96, Porcupine Tree - The Charlotte 22/5/96,
Volcano The Bear - The Charlotte, Zoviet France + Tactile - Sam Fays Pub, Peter Frohmader - Visions From The Nekropolis Studio,
Amon Düül II - The Continuing Saga, Cunieform, Psi-Fi/Pyramid Reissues, Rock In Opposition, Part 3 - Samla Mammas Manna, etc.

Audion #37 (5/1997) stock: 194 copies, price: £3.00
Caravan, Cluster - Asheville, North Carolina, USA, 6/8/96, Chris Karrer - article & interview, Faust - The return of Faust Part ???,
Moving Gelatine Plates - The Genius Of , KLEMdag '96 - Vereniging, Nimwegen, Holland, 12/10/96, Rescued Relics, Infortecture,
Peter Hammill - Union Chapel, London 3/11/96, London Oris Jazz Festival - QEH, Brainticket - The Mysterious Story Of..., etc.

Audion #38 (8/1997) stock: 266 copies, price: £3.00
NME at the NFT - Julian Cope Presents A Krautrocksampler, Sphere & IQ - The Palace Theatre, Newark, 11/5/97, Artemiy Artemiev,
Cluster On Tour, Rock In Opposition - Part 4: The French Connection (Art Zoyd, Etron Fou Leloublan, ZNR, etc.),
Volcano The Bear - Physio & Firkin, Leicester 1997, SFF - An interview with Heinz Fröhling, Urban Sax - "Street Life" at the South Bank,
London 18/7/97, The Deviants, King Crimson "Epitaph", Cunieform Records, Second Battle, etc.

Audion #39 (2/1998) stock: 273 copies, price: £3.00
Rock In Opposition - Part 5: Stormy Six, Burg Herzberg - Open Air Festival 1997, Silver Apples & Support, Crevice, Bondage Fruit,
RLW, Premiata Forneria Marconi "10 Anni Live", Captain Trip, Space Dreams, Volcano The Bear - Physio & Firkin, Leicester, 5/9/97,
Brian Barritt - Memoirs Of A Cosmic Joker, Space Explosion - The ultimate Krautrock Supergroup, etc.

Audion #40 (11/1998) stock: 321 copies, price: £3.00
Igor Wakhevitch "Donc...", Krautrock Reissues, RIO - Revisions And Additions: Bruniferd + Octavo, Gazul Records,
Repertoire's Krautrock Archive, Hans-Joachim Roedelius - 30 Years On (interview), Brainville - Physio & Firkin, Leicester 19/6/98,
Helmut Wenske - The Visionary Art Of, Cuneiform Records, Graham Bowers - Eternal Ghosts,
30 Years Of Guru Guru - feature, articles & interviews, RIO - The Aftermath: first stop, Canada, etc.

Audion #41 (11/1999) stock: 29 copies, price: £4.00
La Neu Captain Trip?!, The Third Ear Band - The Legend Of , Paradigm Discs, Felix Jay (Interview) , Musea, Embryo,
"Zeuhl", Part 1 - The Magma Story , Faust - The Garage, London, 25/10/98 , Burg Herzberg Festival, 17-19/7/98,
Volcano The Bear, Garden Of Delights, Cuneiform Records, etc.

Audion #42 (7/2000) reprint, stock: 2 copies, price: £6.00
Ambiances Magnétiques, Cuneiform, Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson, Damo Suzuki Network - Garage, Islington, 12/9/98,
The Rain Garden, Repertoire's Krautrock Archive, Burg Herzberg Festival 1999, Volcano The Bear & Friends,
"Zeuhl" Part 2 - Magma Family & Offshoots, Magma - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 7/2/00, reviews: Ame Son, Anekdoten,
Davis Redford Triad, Djam Karet, The Electric Family, Happy The Man, La! Neu?, etc.

Audion #43 (11/2000) reprint, stock: 3 copies, price: £6.00
Ambiances Magnétiques, Haino & Pauvros, Cyclops, DiN, In Search Of The Locked Groove, Volcano The Bear,
Boheme Music - Russian progressives, Ralph Lundsten - from EMS to Andromeda, Cuneiform (new releases), Merzbow,
Maurizio Bianchi, "Zeuhl" Part 3 - The French Zeuhl Legacy , Black Widow (new releases) , etc.

Audion #44 (5/2001)
Boheme, IQ - Rotherham, Roedelius & Alquimia - York 25/10/00, Clearlight - The Eternal Symphony, Endgame "Catalyst",
The Samla/Zamla/Hollmer Legacy, Electroshock Records, Multimood, "Zeuhl" Part 4 - Zeuhl Around The World,
Out Of Focus (article & interview), Klaus Schulze "The Ultimate Edition", "Jazz-Rock: A History" (book review), etc.

Audion #45 (12/2001) stock: 8 copies, price: £3.00
Piirpauke - 25 Years, Progressive Sounds From Estonia, Longhair Records, Acid Mothers Temple, etc. - Nottingham, 30/5/01,
Cuneiform, UAE - Ultimate Audio Entertainment, Potlatch, Jan Akkerman - Milton Keynes 19/5/01, ¿ Fancy A Pickled Egg ?,
Faust - Warwick Arts Centre 11/10/01, Eurock - The Golden Age (CD-Rom), Pierre Henry - 50 Years Of Musical Innovation, etc.

Audion #46 (7/2002) stock: 10 copies, price: £3.00
Volcano The Bear, Pyle On The Drums!, Beta-Lactam Ring Records, Arturo Stalteri, Suso Saiz, Yat-Kha with Volcano The Bear,
Ian Boddy - Wallsend, Newcastle, 3/11/01, Goblin new album review & update, Futura, Kraan Deutsch-Rock article,
3 Stockhausen Gigs - Barbican, London, 13-18/10/01, Arx Collana, emprientes Digitales, Manikin, RéR, Cuneiform, etc.

Audion #47 (12/2002) stock: 221 copies, price: £3.00
Dweller At The Threshold (interview), Eleni Karaindrou - Film Music, A Little Bit Of Spaghetti: New Trolls, Nuova Idea, Osanna, Nova,
Nurse With Wound (9 reviews), Cuneiform Records, Musea Records, Relics Revisited, Garden Of Delights,
Some Choice Leicester Talent Volcano The Bear & others, Oöphoi, IQ In Concert - Sat 29th June 2002, Electroshock, etc.

Audion #48 (7/2003)
Triumvirat (Deutsch-Rock feature), Soleil (Zeuhl label feature), King Crimson - Two Different Shades Of, Empreintes Digitales,
Viajero Inmovil, Nurse With Wound (reviews), Roberto Cacciapaglia, The Strangest Types Of Spaghetti nuova futurista in Italian prog,
Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Markus Reuter & Co., A Hawk Meets The Bear From Norway, Orkhêstra, Poseidon, Fred Records, etc.

Audion #49 (5/2004) stock: 3 copies, price: £6.00
Endgame - Sonic Explorations, EAR - Experimental Audio Research (concert), Godspeed You Black Emperor,
Radio Massacre International, RéR - Thoroughly Recommended?, Poseidon / Vital / Musea (label features), Dom / Dom Elchklang,
 Djam Karet - Yet Another Interview!, PFM - Live In Japan, Grobschnitt - History Of Solar Music, Captain Trip, Cunieform, etc.

Audion #50 (7/2005)
Garden Of Delights: Drum Circus, Vinegar, Virus, etc., Poseidon/Vital / Musea, Nurse With Wound (almost 3 pages of reviews),
Ambiances Magnétiques, Chris Conway & Co., 'Igginbottom's Wrench, Makám & Kolinda, Progressive Sounds From Estonia,
Bernard Szajner: Le Merlin De L'ectronique, Cuneiform, Electroshock, Viajero Inmovil (label features), etc.

Audion #51 (4/2006) stock: 5 copies, price: £6.00
Black Carrot, Can - Opening The Lid On The Krautrock Legend, Utopic Records (Jannick Top), Escapade (interview), prpGroup,
Poseidon / Vital / Musea, Trigon, Pickled Egg Records (inc. Dragon Or Emperor), Cuneiform / RéR Megacorp,
Ambiances Magnétiques, 50 Years Of Electronic Innovation In Music, Part 1, GAM, David Hindmarch, Magma, Vocokesh, etc.

Audion #52 (9/2006)
More Pickled Eggs/Eggstock, Eggshells (Obscure Krautrock Discoveries), Eruption (The Most Mysterious Of Krautrock Legends),
Ghymes (folk to prog rock), The Soft Machine Legacy, New German Psychedelic, Eclectic Discs, SPV - Inside Out - Revisited Rec.,
Xhol - From Soul To Xhol Caravan To Xhol, 50 Years Of Electronic Innovation In Music, Part 2, American Psychedelic Discoveries, etc.

Audion #53 (6/2007) stock: 2 copies, price: £6.00
Garden Of Delights: Emma Myldenberger, Joy Unlimited, Peter Smith's Auricle Oracle, Dragon Or Emperor, Alto Stratus & Triax,
Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers (concert), Polit-Rock - A Unique German Phenomenon, Femme Musicale - French Female Singers,
Tangerine Dream - The Early Years, 50 Years Of Electronic Innovation In Music, Part 3, Konrad Plank - Electronic Innovation, etc.

Audion #54 (9/2008)
Soft Machine (Canterbury Scene, part 1), Garden Of Delights, Trip-Rock, Cuneiform, Peter Smith's Auricle Oracle (second sitting),
Faust with Black Carrot & Now (The Charlotte, 12/6/2007), Canterbury Scene Pioneers 1: The Soft Machine, Musea, Poseidon,
Ricochet Dream, Transubstans, DiN, Øresund Space Collective, Gert Emmens, Altres, Free System Projekt, etc.

Audion #55 (2/2009)
Caravan (Canterbury Scene, part 2), Tomorrow's Gift & Release Music Orchestra, Kraut-Folk, Escape Route, Strap The Button,
Peter Smith's Auricle Oracle (third sitting), 50 Years Of Electronic Innovation In Music, Part 4, Faust / NWW: Disconnected,
Rogue Element: Homage To The Seventies, Musea, Zut-O-Pistes, Thor's Hammer, Black Rills, Transubstans, RéR, Cuneiform, etc.

Audion #56 (7/2010)
A Krautrocker's Guide To NDW: Neue Deutsche Welle, French Independent & Underground Obscurities, inc: Jean-Pierre Massiera,
Transubstans Records, Peter Smith's Auricle Oracle (fourth taste), Cyclops, Egg, Steve Hillage, etc. (Canterbury Scene, part 3),
Frumpy, 50 Years Of Electronic Innovation In Music: Part 5: T-Z, Andy G. Rediscovers: Agitation Free, Musea, etc.

Audion #57 (12/2012)
The 1970's Not Only Rock... Japanese Underground, Take A Trip - American: Psychedelic, Who Invented World Music Fusion?,
Andy G. Rediscovers Agitation Free, Part 2, Musea Mini-Roundup, The Djam Karet Connection, Moonjune Records, RéR Megacorp,
Steve Roach / Projekt (7 Reviews), Canterbury Scene Pioneers 4: Phil Miller/Pip Pyle, Hills, Secret Saucer, Soft Machine, etc.

Audion #58 (11/2013) stock: 26 copies, price: £4.00
The Return Of Throbbing Gristle, A Portishead Legacy: Get The Blessing /7 Beak, 10 Stunning Life-Changing Albums,
Garden Of Delights, Mikhail Chekalin: Weird Electronics Russian Style, Eggshells: Obscure Krautrock Discoveries #2,
Mythos: Masters Of Krautrock, Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera: Knirsch, Canterbury Scene Pioneers 5, Soleil Zeuhl,
Ruin: Leicester's Best-Kept Secret, Esoteric Recordings, Cuneiform, etc.


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Audion #0
(1979-81) Early articles from Face Out & Neumusik
East-Euro Discography (12/1994) prog & experimental music from former Eastern bloc countries
The Audion Index (2/2004) index to Audion magazines.

Nurse With Wound Guide (12/2005) history, discography, catalogues, "NWW list" guide, etc.
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - book (1996) The definitive Krautrock encyclopedia!
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - CD-Rom edition (2007) html Krautrock encyclopedia
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - reprint set (2007) 24 x magazine edition
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - Special abridged 2007/2013 edition (11/2013) 128 page special reprint
Of Cuckoos And Scrambled Eggs (11/2013) condensed reprint
The Crack In The Cosmic Egg - DVD-Rom edition (2020) revised html Krautrock encyclopedia - due soon!

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