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Catalogue # 182 (May-June 2020), online version

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Hope everyone is coping and keeping safe during these very strange times. Here at Ultima Thule, we're observing all advised safety precautions, and keeping busy. In fact we've been making significant progress on the new "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" DVD-rom and our forthcoming Italian music book "A Fistful Of Spaghetti". All this and we're pretty much running business as usual, as long as the mail system keep functioning. We've also managed to get quite a few new titles in for this new list, which is not easy given the current international situation, what with some countries on almost total lockdown.

   Not that much more to add, except that Royal Mail postage rates went up on 23rd of March. This mostly affects the 1 CD rate and non UK mail. See new rates below. Anyway, look after yourselves, and please keep us busy - the more you order, the more new stuff we can get!

Cheers - Alan.

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