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Catalogue # 202 (September-October 2023), online version


Music Videos
DVD Films/Movies - revised listing of 250+ releases mostly from £5 to £9 each
VHS Films/Movies - special offer clearance items, revised listings 21/7/2023....

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Music Videos

ALTO STRATUS - TIME DILATION (Auricle AMCDV 002) CDR £5.00 - Refound copies of the original VCD video disc version.

ALTO STRATUS - TIME DILATION (Auricle AMDVD 002) DVDR £7.00 - Alto Stratus live session footage (29/1/2007), with added special effects, animations, etc. (inc. home-made auto-pan video), for a private concert in your living room! Region free PAL system video.

ALTO STRATUS - VISIONS (Auricle AMDVD 008) DVDR £7.00 - Region free PAL system video. "A collection of living paintings & animations accompanied by rare & unreleased music from the Alto Stratus archives (1984-2007) + bonus live 2001 & gallery."

ENDGAME - A MIND UNFOLDING (Auricle AMDVD 004) DVDR £7.00 - Endgame live in the studio, recorded & filmed spontaneously, & largely unremixed. With 3 real big chunks of that patent Endgame primordial ooze, that ebbs, grows & threatens to engulf listener.

ENDGAME - DARK MATTER (Auricle AMDVD 005) DVDR £7.00 - Format: 16:9 widescreen PAL, region free. No studio film on this one! This is pure music video, with space scenes, warped effects & all sorts of weird art & psychedelic visuals! No doubt there will be more to come!

ENDGAME - LIVE DVD OFFICIAL BOOTLEG (Auricle AMDVD OB1) DVDR £5.00 - This DVD is compiled from non-professional audience footage made with old &/or low-budget equipment.

ENDGAME - HORSELENGTH (Auricle AMDVD 009) DVDR £7.00 - Live at The Horse Hospital, 14/12/2008. Our first gig outside Leicester, 2 sets in 47 minutes, with video recorded/edited by Jim Tetlow.

EXTREMITIES - SYMBIOSIS (Auricle AMDVD 007: RE) DVDR £7.00 - 3 symbiotic homogeneous works, hence the very apt title, all filmed live to PC & simultaneously recorded direct to digital, this time with Steve & Alan doing lots of low-tech visual effects, filming through a whisky tumbler, etc.

GOBLIN - AUSTINATO - LIVE IN AUSTIN, TEXAS (BackToTheFudda BTTF-008) Blu-ray £20.00 - Surprisingly good reformation concert with the "Roller" line-up back together (without Simonetti) featuring lots of classic material, some of it unheard live before.

GONG - HIGH ABOVE THE SUBTERRANEA CLUB 2000 (Kscope KSCOPE779: DP) DVD+CD £9.00 - Classic Gong reformation set. This is actually the Madfish SMACD1031 release with sticker containing Kscope info.

HEAD RESONANCE - COMPANY LIVE 1983 (Vinyl-on-demand VOD DVD 1) DVDR m/m £9.00 - Mutlimedia avant experimental works, not on any album. Comes as slim jewel case (including the DVDr), stuck centrally on the front of a special LP-cover by VOD (with debossed logo) and Info sticker attached on the rear. P&P = 6 units!

KING CRIMSON - DEJA VROOOM (Discipline DGM9810: RE) DVD £11.00 - Live at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan (5-6/10/1995). An ideal selection of live material from the 90's version of KC, whatever your tastes, you can easily select your favourite tracks!

KING CRIMSON - LIVE AT THE ORPHEUM (Discipline DGMSP2: DP) DVD+CD £13.00 - Live at The Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, USA (30/9 & 1/10/2014). © 2015.

PÄR LINDH PROJECT - IN CONCERT - LIVE IN POLAND (Metal Mind Productions MMP DVD 0141) DVD £9.00 - Nice concert document (19/7/2007) by this classical rock trio. © 2008. Includes interview with Pär Lindh, biography, discography, photo gallery, etc.

QUIKION + LITHUMA QNOMBUS - LIVE (Poseidon PPS-001) DVD m/ex+ £14.00 - Collaboration by these 2 bands in concert, in the vein of After Dinner or Wha-Ha-Ha, but with accordion as lead solo instrument, European folk melodies and such-like. The female singer resembles Haco. NTSC format, © 2005.

SOFT MACHINE - NDR JAZZ WORKSHOP (Cuneiform Rune 305/306: RE) DVD+CD £20.00 - Live at Congresszentrum, Hamburg, Germany (17/5/1973).

TRIAX - CAUSE & EFFECT (Auricle AMCDV 001) CDR £5.00 - VCD video disc. Triax raw session footage (2/1/2007), for a private concert in your living room! This should play on most DVD players.

TRIAX - CAUSE & EFFECT (Auricle AMDVD 001) DVDR £7.00 - Region free PAL system video. Enhanced picture quality, with missing track: "Session #5".

TRIAX - FRACTAL (Auricle AMDVD 003) DVDR £7.00 - Region free PAL system video. From the sessions of Triax 13. A great value 90 minutes of Triax live in the studio (12/2/2007), with lots of special visual effects, psychedelic patterns, animations, etc.

TRIAX - LIVE 080308 (Auricle AMDVD 006) DVDR £5.00 - Support for Black Carrot, live at the Charlotte, Leicester. A very different Triax gig, more condensed, more focused, more melodic...

XHOL CARAVAN - TALKING TO MY SOUL (Garden of Delights DVD 01: DP) DVD £13.00 - Excellent live on SWF TV 1970 (3 tracks from "Electrip", 36 minutes) + 2 later live versions of "All Green" (17/1/03 & 1/5/04, 13½ minutes). PAL & NTSC versions.


VHS Films/Movies....

28 of these were on offer as a bulk lot at ebay - purchaser gave an offer 20 of them at £40 incluve, which I accepted - 21/7/2023

28 assorted VHS horror, sci-fi, action, weird films.

All played perfectly when last watched. Some may have minor drop-out due to age.

Includes some rare films, like "Wavelength" with soundtrack by Tangerine Dream, The Stuff, The Holy Mountain, etc.

Zoom-in on the image to see! 10kg parcel!




4. DEATH RACE 2000
























28. PIN


A second 28 are on offer as a £50 bulk lot at ebay - listed - 21/7/2023

28 assorted VHS horror, sci-fi, action, weird films.

All played perfectly when last watched. Some may have minor drop-out due to age.

Includes some rare films. Zoom-in on the image to see! 10kg parcel!

1. THE AWFUL DR. ORLOF (Redemption RETN 030: w/s) Horror film (inspired by Frankenstein) directed & written by Jess Franco, starring Howard Vernon. © 1962. <15 cert>

2. BLIND FURY (Columbia Tristar CVR 21874) Directed by Philip Noyce. Stars Rutger Hauer as a blind Vietnam veteran (trained as a swordfighter). © 1989. <18 cert>

3. THE CAT'S VICTIMS (Redeption RETN 047) aka Watch Me When I Kill, Original title: Il gatto dagli occhi di giada. Director: Antonio Bido

4. CELLAR DWELLER (4 Front 088 974 3) Directed by John Carl Buechler. A horror-comic artist's creations come alive & kill him. Years later the curse is revived. <18 cert>

5. THE CHURCH (Reflective RE 9001) aka La chiesa. Director: Michele Soavi. Writers: Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini, Michele Soavi

6. DARK ANGEL (4 Front 086 208 3: w/s) Sci-Fi directed by Craig R. Baxley, starring Dolph Lundgren, music by Jan Hammer. © 1990. <18 cert>

7. DAY OF THE DEAD (Entertainment In Video EVS 1027) Director: George A. Romero.

8. DEATH WARMED UP (Arrow Films FC 080) The 1st independant New Zealand horror film! Directed by David Blyth, starring Michael Hurst, Margaret Umbers. <18 cert.>

9. DRUNKEN TAI CHI (Eastern Heroes EH0026: w/s,s/t) Excellent kung fu film starring Donnie Yen. Directed by Woo Ping Yuen. © 1984. <15 cert>

10. EVIL ED (4 Front 058 1963) Swedish director Anders Jacobson's horror comic, written with Goran Lundstrom & Chris Olson, with hints of "Evil Dead", etc. © 1995.

11. FEAR (First Independent VA 30224) Thriller directed & written by Rockne S. O'Bannon, starring Ally Sheedy, Lauren Hutton, etc. Music by Henry Mancini. <18 cert>

12. THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS (MGM/UA S052874: w/s) Roman Polanski's classic vampire spoof, starring Jack MacGowran, Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate. <12 cert>

13. LE FRISSON DE VAMPIRES (Redemption RETN 018: s/t) Directed & written by Jean Rollin, with music by Acanthus (obscure French psych/prog band). <18 cert>

14. FROM BEYOND (Cinema Club CC 1158) Stuart Gordon's 1986 version of the H.P. Lovecraft novel, starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree. <18 cert>

15. HAND OF DEATH (M.I.A. V3427: w/s) Directed & written by Wu Yu Sheng (aka John Woo). Starring: Dorian Tan, James Tien, Jackie Chan. © 1976. <15 cert>

16. THE NEW ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN (Warner Bros. S038228) Matrial arts fantasy classic starring Li Ching, Lung Ti, David Chiang, etc. <18 cert>

17. ONE ARMED BOXER (M.I.A. V3426: s/t) Classic early (1971) kung fu movie. Directed/written/starring Jimmy Wang Yu. <18 cert>

18. THE PUPPET MASTERS (Hollywood Pictures D973990: w/s) Robert A. Heinlein sci-fi classic, directed by Stuart Orme, starring Donald Sutherland. © 1994. <15 cert>

19. RAZORBACK (Warner Bros. PES 38020) Australian horror directed by Russell Mulcahy, starring Gregory Harrison, Arkie Whiteley & Bill Kerr. <18 cert>

20. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, PART II (4 Front 083 498 3) Excellent zombie horror comedy, sequel to the Dan O'Bannon movie, again starring James Karen. <18 cert>

21. THE REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS (Redemption RETN 058: w/s) Clever horror movie that's not a horror movie! Directed by Pierre Reinhard. © 1987. <18 cert>

22. SNAKE IN THE MONKEY'S SHADOW (Imperial ONE 00712: w/s) Kung fu directed by Cheung Sum, starring John Chang, Wilson Tong, Charlie Chan. © 1979. <15 cert>

23. SPOOKY ENCOUNTERS (Eastern Heroes EH 0003: s/t) Excellent horror fantasy kung fu. Produced/starring Samo Hung. <15 cert>

24. SUBSPECIES (Entertainment in Video EVS 1087: w/s) Dracula inspired horror movie from Ted Nicolaou, with music by Richard Band. © 1991. <18 cert>

25. THINNER (Warner Bros. S014801) The classic Stephen King story brought to life by Tom Holland, starring Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna, Michael Constantine. <18 cert>

26. TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (Redemption RETN 036: w/s,s/t) Classic Spanish horror directed & written by Amando De Ossorio. © 1971. <18 cert>

27. THE UNDAUNTED WU DANG (Screen Entertainment SE 9178: w/s) Rare kung fu film directed by Sun Sha, starring Lin Quan, Zhao Changjun. © 1985. <15 cert>

28. THE VINEYARD (Cinema Club CC 7087) Directed, written & starring James Hong. Horror comedy about a wine grower whose wine has plenty of body. <18 cert>


Comedy batch at ebay for £18 inc. p&p - listed - 21/7/2023

BOTTOM LIVE (VVL 0882143) Excellent 1993 live show from Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson

BOTTOM LIVE: THE BIG NUMBER 2 TOUR (VVL 6358683) Excellent 1995 live show from Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson

BOTTOM LIVE 3: HOOLIGAN'S ISLAND (VVL 0553463) Excellent live show from Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson, directed by Ed Bye. © 1997. <18 cert>

THE NEW HARRY ENFIELD AND CHUMS VIDEO: OI NO! (BBC BBCV6597) 52 minute version of TV special, including 15 minutes not broadcast on TV

MONTY PYTHON'S & NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (Cinema Club CC7326) Classic reworked sketches from the TV series. <PG cert>

MONTY PYTHON LIVE AT ASPEN (BBC BBCV 6912) US Comedy Arts Festival Tribute hosted by Robert Klein, directed by Paul Miller. With John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin. © 1998. <15 cert>


8 very rare ex-rental VHS films in oversized white cases, at ebay for £35 inc. p&p - listed - 21/7/2023 - SOLD

8 assorted VHS martial arts / kung fu, horror / weird films.

All played perfectly when last watched. Some may have minor drop-out due to age.

Note that the cases with these are not in the best condition due to the type of plastic used.

1. 10 MAGNIFICENT KILLERS (VPD 469: w/s) Obscure kung fu movie directed & written by Fong Yeh, starring Chang Li, Liu Yung. © 1977. Ex-rental version. <18 cert>

2. THE INVINCIBLE ARMOUR (VPD 227: w/s) Kung fu movie starring Hwang Jang Lee, directed by See Yuen Ng. Ex-rental version. © 1977. <18 cert>

3. MASTER WITH CRACKED FINGERS (VPD 334: w/s) 1971 kung fu, starring Juan Hsao Ten, with a very young Jackie Chan. <15 cert>

4. POPCORN (Trans Atlantic HFV 8202) Rental version! Horror in a movie house, directed by Mark Herrier, written by Mitchell Smith. <15 cert>

5. SHAOLIN TEMPLE (VPD VPD328) with Dragon Lee

6. SONNY BOY (Entertainment In Video EVV 1137) weird film with David Carradine

7. SUPERDRAGON (VPD 443: w/s) Obscure kung fu movie directed & written by Chan Wai Lin, starring Billy Chong. Ex-rental version. © 1980. <18 cert>

8. THE THUNDERING MANTIS (VPD 432: w/s) One of the best kung fu revenge movies. Directed by Yeh Yung Chu, starring Leung Kar Yan. Ex-rental version. © 1979. <18 cert>


remaining unsold items from 1st 28 offer, £2 each + p&p

ARMY OF DARKNESS (4 Front 046 552 3) Aka "The Evil Dead 3". The classic horror comic directed & co-written by Sam Raimi, starring Bruce Campbell, etc. <15 cert>

THE BLOB (Starvision EUKV 6012) Chuck Russell's 1987 remake of the cult sci-fi/horror classic, with music by Michael Hoenig. <18 cert>

DIABOLIQUE (Warner Bros. S014204: w/s) Jeremiah Chechik's remake of the classic Henri-Georges Clouzot thriller. Starring Sharon Stone, Isabelle Adjani. <18 cert>

HARD BOILED (Tartan TVT 1172: w/s,s/t) Classic 1992 John Woo thriller, starring Chow Yun Fat. © 1992. <18 cert>

JACKIE BROWN (Miramax D910560: w/s) Another Quentin Tarantino classic, starring Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Forster, etc. <15 cert>

TAXI DRIVER (Cinema Club CC 1126) Urban thriller written by Paul Schrader, directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Robert De Nero, Jodie Foster, etc. <18 cert>

TWELVE MONKEYS (4 Front 0519203) Excellent Sci-fi comedy directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, etc. <15 cert>


others, listing to be completed, currently £5 each...

BUFFET FROID (Warner Bros. S038385: w/s,s/t) Black comedy directed & written by Bertrand Blier, starring Gerard Depardieu, Bernard Blier. © 1979. <12 cert> £12.00 inc. p&p at ebay

DEEP IMPACT (DreamWorks 490 0323: w/s) Sci-fi disaster movie directed by Mimi Leder, starring Robert Duvall, Tea Leoni, Elijah Wood, etc. <12 cert>

DEMONS 2 (Caleco CALD 4) 1987 Lamberto Bava horror film (sequel to his "Demons" film) produced by Dario Argento. Music by Simon Boswell, etc. <18 cert>

THE DENTIST 2 (Cinema Club CC 8585) Excellent sequel. Directed by Brian Yuzna, music by Alan Howarth, starring Corbin Bernsen. <18 cert.>

FORBIDDEN PHOTOS OF A LADY ABOVE SUSPICION (Salvation CC 8068: w/s) Italian thriller directed by Luciano Ercoli. © 1970. <18 cert.> £12.00 inc. p&p at ebay

GLASTONBURY FAYRE (Redemption SPR 001) Documentary about the first Glastonbury festival, featuring music by Magic Michael, Family, Melanie, Arthur Brown, Kingdom Come, Quintessence, Daevid Allen & Gong, Fairport Convention, Traffic, etc. <18 cert>

HARD BOILED 2: LAST BLOOD (Eastern Heroes EH 0001: w/s,s/t) Sequel directed by Wong Jing, not up to the standard of the original. <18 cert>

MARTIAL ARTS MASTER WONG FEI HUNG (Eastern Heroes EH0011: s/t) VHS m/m £1.50 - Early Kung Fou film from director Ang Lee. <12 cert>

PROTOTYPE (Once In A Lifetime Entertainment 6312743) Obscure sci-fi

VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD (Redemption RETN 029: s/t) Supernatural horror comic directed & written by Jess Franco, with music by Bruno Nicolai. <18 cert>

VIRGIN WITCH (Salvation SAL 7988: w/s) Hammer styled horror about two sisters & a coven of witches, directed by Ray Austin. © 1972. <18 cert>

VOYAGE (Entertainment In Video EVS 1116) used £5.00 - excellent thriller with Rutger Huer

WITHNAIL AND I (Paramount VHR 4172: w/s) Directed & written by Bruce Robinson, starring Paul McGann & Richard E. Grant. © 1986. <15 cert>

these video clearance items are all one-off rarities


DVD Films/Movies - mostly from £4 to £9 each

Not all pictured titles above are available. Virtually all purchased new, immaculately looked-after (part of a large collection of top quality horror, sci-fi, thriller, world, martial arts, and weird movies including lots of rare titles) all "as new" m/ex+ - m/m (unless stated). These are generally UK PAL issues. Above are 6 of the items listed here when this list was recompiled on 15 Feb 2021.
LINKS in the listing go to IMDB.


Revised list of titles currently for sale now via...



A BAY OF BLOOD (Boulevard BLVDD0763) classic terror movie - Directed by Mario Bava - £6.00 ebay

A CRACK IN THE FLOOR (Odyssey ODX 20046) Directed & written by Corbin Timbrook & Sean Stanek, Music by Michael Paul Girard, Starring: Mario Lopez, Gary Busey, Bo Hopkins 5018011200468 - £4.00 ebay

ALONE IN THE DARK () DVD horror fantasy £5.00 ebay

A MAN CALLED HERO - £7.00 - 2xDVD edition, fantasy martial arts ebay

ARACHNID - £5.00 - alien spider horror, Fantastic Factory ebay

A SCANNER DARKLY - £4.00 - sci-fi animation ebay

BASKET CASE 2: LOOK WHO'S BACK... (Synergy SYND 4004) Directed & written by Frank Henenlotter, Music by Joe Renzetti, Starring: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Annie Ross, Heather Rattray 5017633240043 - £7.00 ebay

BASKET CASE 3: THE PROGENY (Synergy SYND 4005) Directed by Frank Henenlotter, Music by Joe Renzetti, Starring: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Gil Roper, Annie Ross 5017633240050 - £7.00 ebay

BATS (Columbia TriStar C821 2252) obscure animal horror - Directed by Louis Morneau, Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer, Music By: Graeme Revell - £4.00 ebay

BATTLE ROYALE II: REQUIEM - £6.00 - dystopian Japan sequel ebay

BLESS THE CHILD (Icon Z1 93245) Directed by Chuck Russell, novel by Cathy Cash Spellman, Music by Christopher Young, Starring: Kim Basinger, Jimmy Smits, Rufus Sewell 7321900932455 - £4.00 ebay

BUGS - £4.00 - monster horror sci-fi ebay

CHILDREN OF THE LIVING DEAD (Prism Leisure PPA 1212) Directed by Tor Ramsey, Music by Alan Howarth, Starring: Tom Savini, Martin Schiff, Damien Luvara 5014293121255 - £4.00 ebay

CRIME STORY (Hong Kong Legends MDV 643) Directed by Kirk Wong, Music by James Wong, Starring: Jackie Chan, Kent Cheng, K'o Shou-liang 5032438506439 - £7.00 ebay

CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON - £4.00 - high action martial arts ebay

CYBER TRACKER (Prism Leisure PPA 1118) Directed by Richard Pepin, Music by Lisa Popeil & Bill Montei, Starring: Don Wilson, Richard Norton, Stacie Foster 5014293111850 - £4.00 ebay

DEEP FREEZE - £4.00 - monster horror ebay

DOLL GRAVEYARD - £4.00 - a Charles Band film ebay

ENCRYPT (Universal 8211933) Directed by Oscar Luis Costo, Music by Misha Segal, Starring: Grant Show, Vivian Wu, Steve Bacic 5050582119336 - £7.00 ebay

FREQUENCY (Entertainment in Video EDV 9064) Directed by Gregory Hoblit, Music by Michael Kamen, Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel, Andre Braugher £4.00 ebay

GREMLINS - £4.00 - comedy horror Joe Dante ebay

HELLGATE - £4.00 - unusual re-animation/revenge horror ebay

HEMOGLOBIN (ILC DVD 2053) Horror film directed by Peter Svatec, starring Gillian Ferrabee & Roy Dupuis, with Rutger Hauer. <18 cert> - £4.00 ebay

HIGH CRIMES - £4.00 - Morgan Freeman thriller ebay

HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS - £4.00 - period martial arts ebay

IRON MONKEY (Hong Kong Legends MDV 476) Directed by Yuen Woo Ping, Produced by Tsui Hark, Starring: Donnie Yen, Yu Rong Guang, Jean Wang 5032438504763 - £4.00 ebay

THE MASTER - martial arts adventure Jet Li - £6.00 ebay

MEMORY RUN (ILC DVD 2052) Based on the novel by Hank Stine. Directed by Allan A. Goldstein. <18 cert> - £4.00 ebay

MURDER BY NUMBERS (Warner Bros. Z1 23305) Directed by Barbet Schroeder, Music by Clint Mansell, Starring: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt 7321900233057 - £4.00 ebay

NECROMENTIA (G2 MP956D) strange Clive Barker inspired 5060116724370 - £4.00 ebay

NIGHTMARE CITY (Anchor Bay ABD4164: w/s) DVD m/m £5.00 - Italian Zombie sci-fi feature directed by Umberto Lenzi. Music by renowned composer Stelvio Cipriani. <18 cert> - £9.00 ebay

NIGHTSTALKER (Mosaic D096263: w/s) DVD m/m £5.00 - Low budget psycho thriller directed & written by Chris Fisher, starring Bret Roberts, with Danny Trejo. <18 cert> - £4.00 ebay

NIGHT WATCH & DAY WATCH (20th Century Fox F1-SGB 3634001001) 2DVD ex+/m £8.00 - Russian horror/fantasy films - Near Mint, except disc 1 "Night Watch" has 3 very slight marks that don't affect play 5039036057868 - £8.00 ebay

ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA 2 (Hong Kong Legends MDV 548) Directed by Tsui Hark, Music by James Wong & Dai Lee Ming, Starring: Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Donnie Yen 5032438505487 - £9.00 ebay

ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA 3 (Hong Kong Legends MDV 595) Directed by Tsui Hark, Starring: Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Mok Siu-cheung 5032438505951 - £9.00 ebay

SHADOWZONE - £4.00 - horror sci-fi fantasy Charles Band ebay

STIGMATA - £4.00 - kind of Prophecy / Omen hybrid horror ebay

SYNGENOR - £4.00 - horror sci-fi mutant organisms ebay

TATTOO - £4.00 - strange gruesome thriller ebay

TOOLBOX MURDERS (Vipco VSC 018) Directed by Dennis Donnelly, Music by George Deaton, Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Pamelyn Ferdin, Weslyn Eure 91m - dolby 2.0 (mono) - 14:9 - 18 cert. DVD  © 1977/2002   5024166022886 - £8.00 ebay

2000 AD (Hong Kong Legends MDV 478) Directed by Gordon Chan, Music by Umebayashi Shigeru, Starring: Aaron Kwok, Phyllis Quek, James Lye 100m (J 57m) - dolby 5.1 s/t+db - 16:9 - 18 cert. DVD  © 1996/2000 5032438504787 - £10.00 ebay

THE ZOMBIE DEAD (Vipco VSC 027) DVD Italian horror Vipco Screamtime - aka: Burial Ground, Le Notti Del Terrore - £8.00 ebay

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12 SCI-FI DVD FEATURE FILMS (Hollywood DVD DVDD 12005) The Final Countdown / Creator / Sleep Stalker / Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II / Crocodile / Crocodile II / Shark Attack / Shark Attack II / Octopus / Octopus II / Spiders / Spiders II - 6 x DVD Box Set - 5017633120055 - £12.00 (£6 p&p)

Video formats...
Videos are UK or European issues in PAL format - unless stated otherwise.
Most DVDs are UK region 2 issues. Some are region 0 or no region. Nowadays, most DVD players and TV sets can cope with PAL and NTSC.
DVD region settings can be a pain, unless you have a multi-region player. Check that your video system can play a format before purchasing it.
Key: s/t = subtitled, w/s = widescreen

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