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Auricle AMCDR 131 76'53" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Chz 1 28'53"
2. Chz 2 4'30"
3. Chz 3 7'40"
4. The Fourth Reich 9'26"
5. Face On Radio 4'53"
6. S-Shape Demo track 6 8'39"
7. S-Shape Demo track 8 12'35"

Composed by Con-Hertz.
Compiled by Alan Freeman.
Recorded by Wolfgang Hertz at Studio C, Berlin (1980-1982).
6&7 are bonus tracks (1987). Issued under licence from W. Hertz.

Conrad Schnitzler: synthesizers, sequencer.
Wolfgang Hertz: tapes, effects, radio.
+ Stella Low: effects.

Originally released as a cassette in the 1980s, "Face On Radio" consists of choice extracts (chosen by Auricle) from six hours of Wolfgang Hertz's remixes (that is layered/laminated tapes, often with added effects, cut-up work and extra sounds added) culled from archive recordings from the Conrad Schnitzler studio vaults and his "Concert" cassette tape library. The way Wolfgang put much of this together is quite close to the style of the "Conal" LP - one of Con's all-time classics. Yet here there's an added unnerving darkness, and eclectic edge that's different. This exclusive CDR reissue also includes two lost demo recordings from the "S-Shape" sessions, which showcase Wolfgang also as a synthesist in direct collaboration with Con.

The licence for this release was authorised by Wolfgang "Hertz" Heusmann, and is dedicated to him, wherever he is. Conrad had no idea of his whereabouts, and did not object to our continued production of this, preserving an otherwise lost bit of history.

original cassette review...

Con-Herz: A brand new project by Schnitzler and friends that features multi-synthes, tapes and the use of "artificial head" effects ... in all three people are involved who add a broad new dimension to CON's patented style by incorporating different sounds and ideas.
[by Archie Patterson in Eurock]

on YouTube...
Chz 2

Originally a cassette (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/?/1986.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2008.
Second CDR edition - released ?/?/2013.
Third CDR edition - released ?/?/2016.

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