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Auricle AMCDR 046 77'33" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

Double Helix
1. DNA 20'06"
2. RNA 18'09"

3. Immersion In An Unquiet Sky 39'09"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (9 November 2000). Original mix by Jim Tetlow,
with mastering by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (1 June 2004).

Alan Freeman: turntable, synths, guitar, metal, loops, voice.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, keyboard, loops, voice.
Steve Freeman: turntable, samples, synths, guitar, loops, voice.

Perceived as a sonic musical creation of elements like the TAGC of the DNA, this is typical Endgame, yet not at all like anything we've done before, and therefore another new invention! This has 3 large flowing works, all built around and over complex structures, simultaneously melodic and not melodic, with the accent on tonal fabrics.

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First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/7/2004.

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