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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. rediscovered stock,
promos or second-hand. If so,
it will be listed on Discogs, or in the
UT catalogue, or on the news page.

As of 3/11/2018 we have 1 last
new copy for sale via Discogs,


Auricle AMCDR 088 62'40" CDR DELETED

1. The Timekeeper 7'45"
2. Alone Before The First 9'32"
3. It's Alive, Developing, Growing 2'50"
4. I Was Here Before You Existed 8'20"
5. Sortie Secours De L'enfer 17'48"
6. He Wasn't Sure If He Was There 11'54"
7. Chiuso A L'inferno 4'20"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio (24 July 2002).
Original mix by Jim Tetlow in Elmsthorpe (8 December 2003).
Editing and remix by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (29 October 2006).

Alan Freeman: synths, guitar, voice, loops, gadgets.
Jim Tetlow: Sound Canvas, voice, acoustic CD, loops
Steve Freeman: synths, bass, voice, tapes, loops, turntable.

Imagine, if you will, you are lost in a strange "haunted" house, where every shadow seems intent on looming up and devouring you, and where every small glimmer of light promises a chance of escape, but no matter how many doors and rooms you pass through you always end up back where you started, and again the clock strikes midnight. Maybe this is the soundtrack to that nightmare!

on YouTube...
He Wasn't Sure If He Was There

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/2/2007.

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