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UK 14.00

Europe 17.50

World 19.00

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Auricle AMCDR 113/114 139'50" 2xCD-R set 11.00 + p&p

disc 1...
Set 1:
I've Been Having Some Weird Dreams 43'44"
Set 2: Without Breaking Eggs 33'34"

disc 1...
Set 3:
Automatic Writing 45'12"
Encore: I Don't Understand What's Goin' On 17'17"

Recorded direct to disc at Bambu, 11 July 2007
Mastered by Alan Freeman 16 July 2007.

Alan Freeman: guitar, Roland synths.
Steve Freeman: sounds, Moog Rogue, bass.
Jim Tetlow: Spektral Delay, guitar, gadgets.

First full-night's gig in 5 years, and it nearly all went perfectly! Three minor edits were needed to remove some accidental overloads with the synth, a drum-patch that I used that didn't work at all, and the very end of a set that just didn't work right! The three very big episodic improvs are perplexingly mesmeric, with some really powerful highs, and to quote one member of the audience, she "couldn't believe that we'd just made it all up on the spot" and that "it wasn't composed" - no, we each started a set and then the others followed. A very long gig too, and as Chris Conway turned up midway through set three (he'd been playing somewhere else) we did a special encore, which turned out to be unlike anything else we've ever done!

on YouTube...
Without Breaking Eggs

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/10/2007.
Second edition (quantity not specified) - released 1/5/2015.

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2xCD-R release
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