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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. rediscovered stock,
promos or second-hand. If so,
it will be listed on Discogs, or in the
UT catalogue, or on the news page.


Auricle AMCDR 160  66'39"  CDR DELETED

1. Broken Symphony prelude 2'29"
2. Substance And Effect abstract phase 9'07"
3. Trigonomic Collision fragment 1 2'20"
4. Compressed Nebula submersion 5'38"
5. Broken Symphony intermezzo 3'38"
6. Zero Gravity 10'40"
7. Trigonomic Collision fragment 2 2'01"
8. Substance And Effect majestic phase 3'22"
9. Broken Symphony finalé 5'19"
10. Awaiting The Old Ones 14'09"
11. Trigonomic Collision fragment 3 1'13"
12. Compressed Nebula elevation 6'10"

Recorded direct to digital at Tachyon Studio 15/10/06.
Mix and compilation 16/10/06 & 8/07/07.

Alan: synths, guitar, loops, laptop samples, voice, etc.
Steve: loops, bass, synth, cymbal, radio, turntable, etc.
Jim: laptop samples and effects.

Elusive and finding a new footing after a year's hiatus, this has Jim adopting a new role using a laptop running sound samples through a spectral delay gizmo, and with Steve and Alan deliberately trying not to be in the Triax vein. There are flashes of the avant-classical here, moments of pure dissonance, melodic cosmos, spooky ambient, and the down-right scary!!! All sorts of inventions then in the album's potpourri of 12 tracks. Proof again that there is no typical Endgame. We invent, change - and move on.

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Zero Gravity

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/4/2010.

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