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Storm Warning



Auricle AMCDR 287/288 127'28" 2CD-R 11.00 + p&p

disc 1...
1. Storm Warning 14'49"
2. Eventual Enlightenment 24'34"
3. Retina Of The Mind's Eye 30'32"

disc 2...
1. No Place For Solitude 32'44"
2. Sonic Anomaly 24'43"

Endgame session CLXX 26 November 2006.
Disc 1: afternon sessions.
Disc 2: evening sessions.
Recorded, mixed/edited by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio.
Original transfer and cleanup: 27 November 2006.
Final master: 29 July 2018.
Cover: Jim Tetlow.

Alan Freeman: guitar (with Zoom effects, controlling Roland GR-33 guitar synth and Doepfer MS404 midi analogue synth), Roland SH32 synth, laptop PC (running Wavelab with Pianoverb and Spektral Delay), voice.
Steve Freeman: loops and prepared recordings (2 CD players, cassette loops, 4 track portastudio), turntable, analogue synths (Korg MS20, Yamaha CS5, Octave Cat), guitar, bass, voice.
Jim Tetlow
: laptop PC (running Spektral delay), prepared and live sounds.

An almost lost album, chronologically this fits in between INTRIGUE and PHOENIX from late 2006, rediscovered only recently. This is Endgame in deep sonic contortion mode, with a wealth of sounds undergoing live manipulation via a range of devices, and less of the usual recognisable synths and instruments. Five very different tracks, each the soundtrack to its own imaginary mind movie.

First edition (quantity not specified) - released 30/8/2018.

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