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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. refound stock,
promos or second-hand.
If so, it will either be listed on
Discogs or the UT catalogue.


Auricle AMEGD1  58'00" +  CDR £5.00

1. Endgame PC CD-Rom html sector
2. All Bets Are Off 27'34"
    a) Pastorale
    b) Fait votre jeux
    c) Synaptic
    d) Fait votre jeux
    e) Klang
    f) l’age Nouveau
    g) Freak Out
3. Fearful Crater Shake 29'42"
    a) Passion
    b) Mania
    c) Lament

Rehearsal session for the first Endgame gig (support to Shapeshifter on
22 July 2000, at The Physio & Firkin, Aylestone Road, Leicester).
Recorded at Tachyon Studio, 19 July 2000.
Mixed at Synapse Studio, 16 January 2001.
Digital transfer & enhancement 31 March 2002.
Cover art by Jim Tetlow.
CD-Rom virtual web-site created by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: guitar with Zoom effects, Korg Poly 800, voice.
Steve Freeman: guitar, loops and Virtualizer effects, voice, metal.
Jim Tetlow: Roland Sound Canvas, guitar, loops, voice.

First of a special series (adding up to a unique six disc collection) compiled from three rehearsal sessions, plus extracts and remixes, works in collaboration and choice unreleased material.

First edition (quantity unknown) - released ?/4/2002.

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