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Four Riders



Auricle AMCDR 092 71'44" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. The Anvil 4'49"
2. Chamber 1 1'55"
3. Ziggurat 10'02"
4. Sinfionetta 9'45"
5. Macchu Picchu 7'47"
6. The Great Wall 6'00"
7. Chamber 2 1'09"
8. Four Riders 5'12"
9. Perpetual Dilation 24'44"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio 19 November 2006.
Transfer, remix and editing by Alan 20-22 November 2006.

Alan Freeman: loops and rhythms (laptop PC running Granulab, Sound Forge and Wavelab, also Roland GR33 arpeggiator), guitar, digital synthesizers, acoustic CD, microphone.
Steve Freeman: loops, patterns and sounds (CD's, cassette, sampling effects pedals), percussion, guitar, bass, analogue synthesizers, acoustic CD, microphone.
Jim Tetlow: loops and sounds (laptop PC running Spektral Delay), pre-recorded hand percussion, acoustic CD, air-Fx.
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, flute.

Both Jim and I (Alan) were making liberal use of computer based sound mangling devices on this one, alongside Steve's patent loops and collage, we also both added prepared and live percussive/rhythm elements, with Dave taking an even bigger melodic role on the hurdy-gurdy, also adding some wonderful cosmic flute. It all added up to another album that stepped on in such big leaps and bounds that we surprised ourselves.

Incidentally, during the break for dinner we listened to the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" (with music by Penderecki and Ligeti) to which I commented (on a discussion about being influenced by things) "well, we obviously won't ever sound like that!" - but Jim had a battery of orchestral samples at hand, and went on to prove me wrong with the totally unprecedented "Sinfonietta".

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2006.

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