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World 19.00

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Auricle AMCDR 152/153 143'13" 2xCD-R set 11.00 + p&p

disc 1...
Ghost In The Machine
1. a) Emasculata 1'48"
2. b) Sein Und Zeit 11'48"
3. c) Folie A Deux 0'17"
4. d) Via Negativa 9'04"
5. e) Sanguinarium 9'19"
6. f) Redux 2'31"

Little Green Men
7. a) Patient X 13'02"
8. b) Scary Monsters 11'29"

9. Nothing Important Happened Today 2'55"

10. a) Tempus Fugit 6'27"
11. b) Herrenvolk 1'01"

disc 2...
1. c) Fresh Bones 3'09"
2. d) Memento Mori 0'11"

3. The Post-Modern Prometheus 14'38"

Darkness Falls
4. a) Paper Clip 0'54"
5. b) The Rain King 5'14"
6. c) Fearful Symmetry 1'43"
7. d) Mind's Eye 13'04"
8. e) Beyond The Sea 5'32"

This Is Not Happening
9. a) Kill Switch 0'54"
10. b) Born Again 3'52"

11. End Game 24'09"

Recorded live in Tachyon Studio 15 February & 4 May 2009.
Digital transfer and premixes 15 March & 11 May 2009.
Mixed and edited 11-17 May 2009.
Engineer: Alan Freeman.
Digital assembly using Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6, with DX effects and PSP
plug-ins, plus sound effects archive material, and sundry other special tricks!

Alan Freeman: guitar, digital synthesizers, laptop PC, spring-board, etc.
Steve Freeman: bass, analogue synthesizers, loops & tapes, acoustic CD, etc.
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, flute, glockenspiel, etc.
Jim Tetlow: laptop PC with keyboard controller, Cajon drum, cymbal, etc.

Alan's notes...

Culled from two very different sessions, over two months apart, and some different equipment in use, expect the unexpected with X-Ray! I put the key elements together as conceived works or in jig-saw fashion, segueing randomly diverse moods one after the other. Sometimes mixed, sometimes jarring, or invisible. The transitions weld together picture music like stories, with melancholy, anger, fear and pure emotion. From the beautiful to the totally bizarre. What started as 30+ chosen fragments and mixes, became 22 pieces, pieced together as the 8 works on this 2CD set.

Those in the know will know where the track titles come from!

on YouTube...
Patient X
This Is Not Happening
Fresh Bones

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2009.
Second edition (quantity not specified) - released 13/5/2014.

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