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Auricle AMCDR 011 66'18" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Three Phases Of Invention 9'00"
2. Perplexed By The Mirage 2'37"
3. Captured Flux 20'07"
4. Quagmire 4'43"
5. Elemental Psychosis 5'49"
6. System Malfunction 1'21"
7. Base Metals 16'10"
8. Release 1'52"
9. Existential Entropy 4'38"

Recorded at Tachyon Studio: 2 & 3 (16 July 2001), all other tracks (23 July 2001).
"Quagmire" is a live stereo recording. "Base Metals" is 4 digital loop-tracks with additional mixdown effects. All other tracks are dual stereo improvisations recorded direct to 4 track. Mixdown (19 August 2001).

Alan Freeman: guitar (played with: fingers, metal, plastic, & violin bow).

I'm not a guitarist at all, but I always wanted to do a guitar album. Okay, this is an experimental guitar album, no tunes or licks, just ooze, froth and noises. A big influence here is obviously Fripp & Eno, Richard Pinhas, and many other odd talents, i.e. stuff by French and German experimentalists.

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Three Phases Of Invention

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2001.

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