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Auricle AMCDR 132  59'21"  CD-R £7.00 + p&p

1. Mictanteculti 14'59"
2. In The Beginning 15'07"

    Ashes Of Time And Promises
3. Forgotten Time 7'22"
4. Corinne 15'46"
5. Fear In Ending 2'18"
6. The Wait 3'44"

Produced by Phil Kelday.
1/2: Recorded 28/9/85, 3-8: Recorded 26/10/85.
Cover art by Peter Harrison.

New 7th Music & The Exploding Headband, on this session were...
Phil Kelday, Martin Webb, Heather Rolfe, Daymon Tuck, Steve Hildreth, Katherine Perring, Tony Clough, Terry Dumbrell, Dan James, Min, Andy Boot, Lucy Talman and Dave Guscott.

There have been six releases by New 7th Music and The Exploding Headband, the debut being a self titled tape released on our Auricle label, Archie Patterson (Eurock - Ed.) described it thus… "Does anyone remember the Third Ear Band, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat and Annexus Quam??? Here we have their spirit reincarnated into a new form ... a classic work of neo-psychedelia which adapts all the old trippy elements into a new context ... sure to blow your mind". I was quite amazed when I first heard this tape, I thought music like this had died over ten years ago in some Berlin graveyard.

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Originally a cassette (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/1/1986.
First CDR edition - released 10/7/2008.
Second CDR edition - released 20/2/2015.

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