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Neologisms 2 (extract)



Auricle AMCDR 12053'19"CD-R £7.00 + p&p

1. Neologisms 2 27'23"
2. Neologisms 3 25'50"

Recorded 'live' with 1 playback at David Prescott's Studio.
All composition, programming and engineering by David Prescott.
Produced by Auricle Music.
Cover art by Peter Harrison.
MC (Auricle AMC 023) © July 1987

David Prescott: Sequential Circuits Sci Pro-One, Korg Poly 800 & ARP Odyssey synthesizers, digital delay.

"Neologisms In E" was his first published recording in 1985. Latterly reissued by ourselves in 1987 as "Neologisms", this tape displays Davidís affinity with the early 70ís Berlin school of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze et al., as well as his liking for the avant-garde electronic composers. Two lengthy works display a unique approach to synth music making, whereby melodies entwine and meander in seemingly endless webs, continually evolving, developing, dying resurging. The instrumental sounds are familiar: resonant fluttering, bubbling and twittery synth modulations, muted strings and unusual string/reed/organ hybrids, often bringing Edgar Froeseís AQUA to mind, though Davidís freer flowing approach paints a very different picture.

Originally a cassette - 45 copies - released ?/3/1987.
First CDR edition - released ?/11/2007.
Second CDR edition - released 16/10/2016

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