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Quadelectronic is a unique event, that initially grew from gigs organised by Chris Conway at The Musician in 2004 to 2006, then our "Impromptu Electronic" sessions at Bambu in 2007-8, involving local musicians from Chris Conway improv projects: The Planet Scanners and Continuum, along with projects featuring the Freeman brothers (owners of the Ultima Thule Record Shop) Alto Stratus, Endgame, Extremities and Triax. Other musicians also joined-in on some of these sessions, and many other ad-hoc combinations were created like the Scanner Game and Escape Route live projects. Out of all this a family of like-minded performers started to evolve, with the nucleus of Chris Conway, Alan Freeman and Steve Freeman.

Continuum at the Musician - click to view full size picture.Endgame at the Musician - click to view full size picture.Triax at Bambu, 2007 - click to view full size picture

Quadelectronic was first held on 17 June 2008, and has continued ever since as a monthly session bash usually held on the third Tuesday of the month. The Quad Studios venue has an open plan stage area in the large lobby (it used to be a factory/mill at one time) with a good PA and lots of room.

Quadelectronic is hosted by Chris Conway (well-known local musician) & Bob Bryars (Quad Studios). It's an improv, jam, workshop event for those that love to experiment and interact in free improvisation. Naturally, the key focus is electronics, although other instruments extensively feature. Performances have ranged from free-form chaos to space-rock to cosmic jazz, to pure synthesizer or avant-garde electronics. There are no rules really (except that few of us tend to get on with techno/trance/dance stuff). It's probably best to get a feel for what Quadelectronic is about first. Musicians and non-musicians of all types are welcome.

Ever since the 6th Quadelectronic Jim Tetlow has been archiving the event (and a few, when Jim wasn't around, were recorded by me: Alan Freeman). Nearly all the events have been recorded and are available as downloads from Bandcamp. Many of the earlier events: #6 to #54, are also documented on Jim Tetlow's synoneiro YouTube channel. This means you can see what it's all about instantly! All recorded events are also available to listen to, download or buy (if you wish) at quadelectronicdocuments on Bandcamp, plus some other related releases at improquadelectronic. There are also a few physical disc releases compiled from Quadelectronic events available from Ultima Thule and Chris Conway sites. See Audio Documents below.
Another feature of many Quadelectronics since #8 is the Lumiere Ogbanje liquid light show.


There are also some other events related to Quadelectronic, like the occasional Ambient Underground in Leicester and The Church Of Sound organized by another Quad regular Jez Creek in Nottingham. Many of the regulars also perform in other local experimental and electronic type bands. Easy ways to keep up with events include the Gig News page on this site and the Quadelectronic group on Facebook!

Fancy joining in? Love to freak-out, open up that primordial spirit, or "let your hair down" - then, why not come along!
If you don't want to join in, it's nice to have an audience too! So, come along - it's free!

See you? - Alan Freeman

Alan Freeman at Quadelectronic 1: 17 June 2008 - click to view full size picture


visit the Quad Studios site

Quad Studios, 78 Friday Street, Leicester, LE1 3BW

0116 2512516  info@quadstudios.co.uk  https://www.facebook.com/QuadStudios/

Great space, and Rob's a friendly helpful guy. One drawback though, Quad doesn't have a licensed bar. Also, as it's an industrial area there are no shops in the immediate vicinity. So it's best to plan ahead and bring your own booze. There is a kind of kiosk/café where cheap refreshments (pop, coffee, snacks) are available! Quad is at the far end of Friday Street, and you can see the sign from the bridge on St. Margaret's Way. The best route by car is to get into Sanvey Gate, turn into Craven Street, and right into Friday Street. Pedestrians: cross Burleys Way (opposite Abbey Street & St. Margaret's bus station) and go down St. John Street, left a little and then right down Watling Street, and turn right at the end.

part of the comfy lobby area click to zoom

Apparently their studios are excellent too, with some high quality and well soundproofed rehearsal rooms, experienced technicians, and instruments available, etc., all at reasonable rates. For more info follow this Quad Studios link to their snazzy web site!


Audio Documents


Choice Quadelectronic performances, by Chris Conway &...

1. Glide Alan Freeman, Tim Prichard
2. Circling Simon Ferraby, Ola Szmidt
3. Shuttlecraft  Shekhar Raj Dhain
4. Night Flight Okoku Araya, Simon Styring, Jim Tetlow
5. Hovver Bob Bryars, Simon Ferraby, Alan Freeman
6. Intergalactic Victoria Bourne, Julian Broadhurst, Shekhar Raj Dhain, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Tim Prichard, Simon Styring, Jim Tetlow


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2xCDR document of Quadelectronic 11 performances...

1. I Was Followed Here Myself Lucie Chapman, Jim Tetlow, Pete Turnpenney 7'25"
2. He Watched The Flames Chris Conway, Dave Powell 7'20"
3. Frightening As People Dave Dhonau, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman 8'30"
4. Contaminated Citizen Baxter, Chris Conway, Dave Dhonau 8'10"
5. Grew So Fast Mel Fernandes, Alan Freeman, Dave Powell, Pete Turnpenney 8'00"
6. I Myself Don't Understand One Word Of It Lucie Chapman, Steve Freeman, Jim Tetlow 7'30"
7. The Dynamic Duo Dave Dhonau, Jim Tetlow 6'20"
1. Thrust The Snifter Robin Chapman, Mel Fernandes, Pete Turnpenney 7'35"
2. Had There Been More Of Them Citizen Baxter, Steve Freeman, Carol Leeming, Dave Powell 8'15"
3. A Pack Of Idealists Lucie Chapman, Chris Conway, Alan Freeman 8'30"
4. Minds Like Ships Out Of Control Citizen Baxter, Robin Chapman, Mel Fernandes, Alan Freeman 8'00"
5. Every Third Person On The Planet Chris Conway, Carol Leeming, Jim Tetlow, Pete Turnpenney 8'15"
6. Some Incredible Fool Lucie Chapman, Dave Dhonau, Steve Freeman 7'00"


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Choice Quadelectronic performances, by Chris Conway &...

1. Dreams of the Sun Sergejs Jermolajevs, Ola Szmidt, Jim Tetlow 7'03"
2. Dreams of Long Ago Dave Dhonau, Jim Tetlow 9'30"
3. Dreams of Magic Victoria Bourne 4'17"
4. Dreams of the Future Alan Freeman, James Lynch 4'19"
5. Dreams of Flight and Landing Lucie Chapman, Dave Dhonau 5'32"
6. Dreaming a Memory Julian Broadhurst, Simon Ferraby 2'44"
7. Dreaming In Slow Motion Dave Powell 3'47"
8. Feverish Dreams Carol Leeming, Jim Tetlow, Pete Turnpenney 8'01"
9. A Little Nightmare Jim Tetlow 3'06"
10. Dreams of Heaven Victoria Bourne, Jim Tetlow 7'30"
11. When Machines Dream Victoria Bourne, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Kevin Hewick, Dave Powell, Jim Tetlow 8'30"
12. Dreams of the Moon Victoria Bourne, Ola Szmidt, Jim Tetlow 3'16"


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Choice Quadelectronic performances, by Alto Stratus (Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman) &...

1. Alan, Steve, Dylan, Amit Dylan Menzies, Amit Patel 11'44"
2. Alan, Steve, James James Lynch 8'30"
3. Victoria, Alan, Steve Victoria Bourne 7'50"
4. Alan, Steve, James James Lynch 8'10"
5. Victoria, Chris, Alan, Steve, Kevin, Dylan Victoria Bourne, Chris Conway, Kevin Hewick, Dylan Menzies 7'14"
6. Dave, Alan, Steve Dave Dhonau 7'35"
7. Alan, Steve, Kevin, Pete Kevin Hewick, Pete Turnpenney 10'16"
8. Lee, Alan, Steve Lee Allatson 6'12"


buy CDR direct, buy via Discogs, or download


On Bandcamp you will eventually find all Quadelectronic recorded events with name your price download, available as mp3, flac, wav (and many other formats) with high quality remastered audio. All come with a front cover to print, a text file and a selection of photos from the event.


download menu page

All events 1 through to 133, except...

Not documented
QE4: 16/9/2008 - Victoria Bourne, Chris Conway, Shekhar Raj Dhain, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Carol Leeming, Walt Shaw, Simon Styring
QE87: Andy Atyeo, Chris Conway, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Les Hayden, Matt Stone
QE127: Andy Atyeo, Chris Conway, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, John Hinks, Matt Stone, Jim Tetlow

Disc purchase options: If you don't have the ability to download, Quadelectronic Documents can also be specially made as CDR sets to order.
You can pay and collect at a Quadelectronic event, or by mail-order...

Price: £2 per single disc / £3 per 2 disc set (supplied in a polysleeve with a colour cover) + p&p

email: utle2uk@btconnect.com to request a PayPal invoice.


featuring recordings made at Quadelectronic events...

Approaching Infinity - EN PASSANT
Memory Wire - ASCEND
Memory Wire - AURA



Jim Tetlow's synoneiro YouTube channel
improquadelectronic CDR releases
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Chris Conway's site
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