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Auricle AMCDR 204 61'35" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Go Into The Light 16'34"
2. Eruption 7'02"
3. Occupied Europe 6'30"
4. Feline 2'20"
5. Fly Flamingo Fly 10'40"
6. Murder 2'16"
7. Emily 16'11"

Recorded by Stuart
2,5: 26th July 2012
1,4,6,7: 23rd August 2012
3: October 2012

Mastered by Alan at Tachyon Studio 5 October 2014.
Cover pictures by Curly.
Layout by Alan.

Curly: guitar, banjo, violin, voice, etc.
Stu: drums, bells, voice, etc.
Jack: bass, guitar, etc.
Paul White: bass, voice
Craig: guitar (3)
Wilf: effects, voice, tapes, etc. (1,4,6,7)
Emily: voice (7)

Ruin's 5th album on Auricle is culled from favourite session pieces recorded during Summer to Autumn 2012. For this release I chose pieces that stood apart as new and different to what they'd done before. Not least the "almost commercial" (by Ruin and Auricle standards) opening song "Go Into The Light" a kind of mantric Hawkwind, Rancid Poultry with a touch of Guru Guru. "Eruption" I isolated from a bigger piece, as it stood up alone as a great piece of freeform improv. And the title? Well, it kind of reminded of the Kluster / Eruption works of 1970/71. That set the trend for the structure of this album, alternating rockier and abstract pieces. As usual, I took some liberties with the mixing, snazzying it all up a bit. "The Clockwork Movement Of Plasma" comes from the title of Curly's aptly bizarre cover drawing, yet another of his many talents!

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Occupied Europe

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 13/10/2014

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