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Lift Me Out - The Foundry



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Auricle AMCDR 085 7.00 last copies
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duration: 62'06"

1. Warmer In The South 3'39"
2. Shuffle Game 6'17"
3. Nebula 11'33"
4. Lift Me Out 4'04"
5. The Foundry 8'24"
6. Ascending 6'11"
7. Descending 11'46"
8. Ritual Fire Dance 7'35"
9. Who Let The Newts In? 2'16"

All material created spontaneously by Triax.
Recorded at Tachyon Studio, Knighton Fields Leicester, 16 April 2006.
A direct digital recording, with mix & reconstruction by Alan Freeman, 17 April 2006.

Alan Freeman: guitar, guitar-synth, keyboards, synthesizer, samples,
laptop computer, Irish whistle, bells, shakers, etc.
Steve Freeman: guitar, bass, analogue synths, tapes, loops, prepared sounds, acoustic CD, cymbal, etc.
Dave Powell: flute, violin, hurdy-gurdy, etc.

Triax reincarnated as a flute and electronics outfit, with Dave adopting the role of cosmic echo flautist in addition to his other instruments. With more nifty use of sampling: Mellotrons, hybrid rhythmic loops, and such-like, it's all taking the music somewhere else. Still obviously Triax (it couldn't be anyone else), but reborn anew - hence the title!

CD-R - released 8/2006.
CD-R second edition - released 10/5/2014.
Bandcamp download - released 22/9/2014.
Routenote distributed download - released 29/3/2019.

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