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Bigger On The Inside




Auricle AMCDR 106/7 140'00" 2xCD-R 11.00 + p&p

disc 1...
1. Ausgeflippt 0'46"
2. Bigger On The Inside 6'28"
3. We Must Reign Musk 5'40"
4. Folle 0'58"
5. Terrified 5'55"
6. Permafrost 14'44"
7. Sphinx 2'32"
8. Wake Up 2'54"
9. Cheops 9'33
10. Ultima Spiaggia 18'05"
11. Burn Out 0'26"

disc 2...
1. Zeitgeist 12'12"
2. Mortified 2'06"
3. The East Inside It 9'35"
4. Lurk 9'30"
5. Zeitmass 3'28"
6. Lysergic Symphony 9'19"
7. Zeitflug 3'33"
8. Petrified 3'35"
9. Zeitenwende 4'36"
10. To The Core 10'46"
11. Acid Bath 2'15"

Recordings from Triax sessions at Tachyon Studio, Leicester, 8 April & 27 May 2007, edited and mixed by Alan Freeman, 10 April, 8/11/12 June 2007.

Alan Freeman: guitar (with effects, violin bow and gliss), Roland SH32 synthesizer, Roland guitar synth, bowed spring-board, violin, voodoo guitar, prepared sounds
Steve Freeman: guitar & bass (with effects, violin bow), acoustic CD, prepared sounds, tapes and loops, various analogue synthesizers
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, flute, kalimba, voodoo guitar, other African instruments

A pretty mixed up selection of choice cuts from two big Triax sessions that amount to a cross-section of all we've done before but with a lot of new diversions too. A mixture of the old, the new, and types of Triax that even we'd never heard before! Ideal for shuffle mode play, you'll never know what's coming next. Kosmismiche, musique-concrete, ethnic music from Jupiter? Even some industrial Krautrock. And then there's some that defies any simple classification. Actually it all does, but we've got to market it somehow!

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/7/2007.

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