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Auricle AMCDR 216/7 100'30" 2xCD-R 11.00 + p&p

disc 1...
1. Xerox Serum 1 8'40"
. Feral Cosmos 38'38"

disc 1...
1. Displaced Reality 28'06"
. Xerox Serum 2 25'03"

Recorded live to digital at Tachyon Studio, Leicester 18 January 2016.
Transfer, editing and mix 4 February 2016.
Recorded and mixed by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: laptop (synthesizers, Virtual Sampler, Granulab), Roland SH-32, guitar, Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer.
Steve Freeman: loops, sounds, tapes, turntable, acoustic CD, synthesizers (Octave Cat, Yamaha CS5), bass guitar.
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, flute, bells, effects.

Triax release 41, a double CD set of live electronics and instruments...

It happens occasionally, a live session where each piece works as it is - almost intact with little in the way of remixing or truncation. This was one such session. There were, however, some technical issues when recording this, hence the reason for two performances of "Xerox Serum" - a first run that was going so well until disaster stuck. Okay, sort out the problem, and then do something almost unheard of in Triax session history - a second version! This framework of rising cosmic rotational pieces start and end the album on a surprising serene note. Between them we have two bigger works, heard in the reverse order to the session. "Feral Cosmos" mounts with Dave's industrial hurdy gurdy scuttling under a cascade of sound fragments and electronic tonalities. This all oozes and writhes as a swirling nebula of synths, guitar, undeterminable sounds. Displaced Reality features Dave on flute (not always sounding like flute by the way), and is on the whole a much more surreal excursion featuring lots of twisted voices and instrumental sounds, cascading guitars, pitch stepping and gyrating textures and more, all amounting to a strange movie of the mind! Finally we then return to the start, but his time go somewhere else!

on YouTube...
Xerox Serum 1
Displaced Reality

First edition of 12 numbered copies - released 21/7/2016

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