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A special series of unique video discs: films of studio sessions & live material,
and art-house material featuring unique computer graphics & animation.

DVD releases...
1. Triax - Cause & Effect (AMDVD 001) 93'05"
2. Alto Stratus - Time Dilation (AMDVD 002) 70'15"
3. Triax - Fractal (AMDVD 003) 89'28"
4. Endgame - A Mind Unfolding (AMDVD 004) 102'52"
5. Endgame - Dark Matter (AMDVD 005) 85'19"
6. Triax - Live 080308 (AMDVD 006) 46'28"

7. Extremities - Symbiosis (AMDVD 007) 107'29"
8. Alto Stratus - Visions (AMDVD 008) 58'27"
9. Endgame - Horselength (AMDVD 009) 47'28"

DVD official bootleg...
Endgame - Live DVD official bootleg (AMDVD OB1) 76'16"

VCD releases...
1. Triax - Cause & Effect (AMCDV 001) 76'41"
2. Alto Stratus - Time Dilation (AMCDV 002) 59'24"

2. Alto Stratus - Time Dilation (AMDVD 002) 59'24" VCD version

Always into doing something new and exciting, Auricle now move into video! I'd always wanted to do surreal art videos. And rightly so, many have said that our music is ideal to acompany film, art and animations. First I tried VCD discs, issuing 2 (limited stocks still available), but as soon as the technology became cheap enough, I moved on to DVD.
These videos are in-house produced DVD-R discs, and in fact are mostly created by myself (Alan Freeman) to the best standards I can achieve with the equipment I have. Quite remarkable what can be done nowadays on a limited budget!

VCD video discs will play on most DVD machines or computers. The DVD-R editions will replace the VCD ones! Only limited VCD stocks remain. DVD-R's are PAL region 0 (all countries), & will play on all but very old DVD players.

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