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Auricle AMCDR 285 68'05" 8.00

1. Awaken 10'55"
2. Late In The Morning 11'57"
3. Near Infinity To One 9'21"
4. The Swimming Pool 8'22"
5. It Might Be Having An Effect 8'55"
6. The Sea Bed Had Suddenly Revealed Itself 8'34"
7. The Way Marks Wove In The Ceiling 9'48"

Recorded at Quadelectronic events...
QE52 - 25th September 2012 [1]
QE53 - 23rd October 2012 [2]
QE54 - 20th November 2012 [3]
QE56 - 29th January 2013 [4]
QE60 - 21st May 2013 [5]
QE62 - 23rd July 2013 [6]
QE67 - 17th December 2013 [7]

Recorded and mastered by Jim Tetlow.
Remastering, restoration/repair by Alan Freeman (June 2018).
Cover art by Jim Tetlow.

Alan Freeman: Roland SH-32, bowed sping-board, effects.
Jim Tetlow: laptop with keyboard.

Remastered duo works from Quadelectronic by Alan Freeman & Jim Tetlow, all recorded live with no overdubs. These impromptu live sessions reveal the unique chemistry of Alan and Jim at work, an intuitive way of interacting that goes all the way back to improvised sessions in Shapeshifter over 20 years ago, and further developed in Endgame and other projects since. Approaching Infinity is as much an attitude as a band name, which may be played out even more aptly in future live gigs. Cryptically titled En Passant - another chess move reference like Endgame - this debut sets the scene for further albums to come.

on YouTube...

1st press, numbered 20 copy edition - released 30/8/2018.

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Approaching Infinity
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