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Auricle AMCDR 291 66'11" CD-R 8.00 + p&p

1. Atom Stream 11'11"
2. And Read Out in a Firm Voice 11'20"
3. Invisible Conversation 30'33"
4. A Diamond Among Sapphires 13'00"

Live improvisations at Quad Studios reception hall, Friday Street, Leicester
and The Cookie, High Street, Leicester.
Recorded and mixed by Jim Tetlow.
Editing and additional mixing by Alan Freeman.
Artwork by Jim Tetlow.
Photograph at The Cookie by Chris Conway.
Inside layout by Alan Freeman.
Produced and released by Auricle Music.

Performance locations:
1. Quadelectronic 120 - 22nd May 2018
2. Quadelectronic 124 - 25th September 2018
3. Ambient Underground 11 - 18th September 2018
4. Quadelectronic 117 - 27th February 2018

Alan Freeman: Roland SH-32, bowed sping-board, effects (1/2/3); laptop (3/4).
Jim Tetlow: laptop with keyboard.

More selections from Quadelectronic, and the first full-length live excursion at the Ambient Underground event (The Cookie, High Street, Leicester) which was a huge success.

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And Read Out in a Firm Voice
A Diamond Among Sapphires

1st press, numbered 20 copy edition - released 28/1/2019.

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Approaching Infinity
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