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Auricle AMCDR 143 77'20" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Mist 17'02"
2. Crystal 13'08"
3. Carbon 4'01"
4. Fire 18'01"
5. Slate 4'53"
6. Ether 20'00"

Recorded live at Tachyon Studio, 2 December 2001 in real time to cassette tape, with the intention of it being used for concert backing tapes yet it never was!
Rediscovered in a box of session tapes and loops in February 2009.
Repaired and edited with Sound Forge, 6-8 April 2009.

Alan Freeman: guitar (controlling Roland GR-33 guitar synth, Doepfer MS-404 analogue synth, Zoom GFX-707 effects), Alesis AirFX, MAM RS3 Resonator

I never ever intended to do a new-age album, but if I ever have done one this is it, being largely atmospheric, drone/tone based, with long drawn-out developments.
It's all pretty unconventional stuff though, showcasing how you can do music on a guitar synth that is unlike anything else on earth. Some subtle Midi control directed to an analogue synth makes for some weird chunky stuff on a couple of tracks, and I added crackle and modulation effects using the Alesis AirFX. Only rarely do you hear actual guitar!

Also on the download version
7. Epilogue (download only bonus) 9'47"

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First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2009.
Second edition (quantity not specified) - released 15/1/2017.

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