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Auricle AMCDR 205 59'01" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Their Empty Places Appear With Perfect Distinctness 2'59"
2. A Median Hip And Two Accessory Smaller Bulges 0'29"
3. Pedicare Bait Bath 2'21"
4. Perpendicular To The First Direction 2'33"
5. Only A Square Of Naked Earth 6'11"
6. The Ground Is Invisible, Or Virtually So, Between The Fronds 1'26"
7. We Have Lost The Power Of Speech 1'04"
8. Not Entirely Straight 1'04"
9. After Subtracting The Boles 1'22"
10. Significant Skirmish 4'59"
11. Engaging Passions 0'19"
12. The Voyeur's Bicycle 0'53"
13. Damn You 2'26"
14. Psycho Groove 4'06"
15. Deep Space 2'05"
16. Rien Ne Va Plus 0'43"
17. In Petrified Nature 0'24"
18. Precisely Trapezoidal 0'31"
19. Psychological Dramas That Are Quite Incomprehensible 11'38"
20. Scarcely Possible 0'27"
21. The Same Smile, Which Can Be Interpreted As Derision
Just As Well As Affection, Or The Total Absence Of
Any Feeling Whatever

Recorded and mixed at Tachyon Studio by Alan Freeman, February 2008, December 2009, November 2013 to January 2014 and July 2014.
Produced by Auricle Music and Ultima Thule, July 2014.
Album title, some track titles and text adapted from material by Alain Robbe-Grillet.
Cover design by Alan Freeman.

All composition and sound construction by Alan Freeman using digital editing tools such as Sonic Foundry and DX plug-ins, all manually constructed using real cut and paste, collage, sound contortion and effects processing techniques.

Additional material courtesy of...
Endgame (Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Jim Tetlow) on tracks 3 & 12.
Victoria Bourne (voice) on tracks 3 & 12.
Ruin (Curly, Stu, Craig, Jack & Wilf) on tracks 10 &14.
Triax (Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Dave Powell) on track 10.

All other borrowed materials taken from various obscure sources, some of it related to Nurse With Wound in some way, and much of it not at all!

cover notes...
The Newt Hounds project was originally an offshoot/concept by the brothers Alan & Steve Freeman of Alto Stratus. The debut "The Poignant Device" kind of lampooned the Nurse With Wound ethic and style of sonic art composition. This project started life as some left-over ideas from the second The Newt Hounds album "Loose Nuts" released in 2007, a 99 track collection of sound fragments and compositions running a wide gamut of styles.
As the years went on, with a vast number of new recycled loops and collages amassed, it all became more of a personal project than a third Newt Hounds album. Thus "Topology Of A Phantom City" turned into a new concept, partly Nurse With Wound inspired, but also a dedication to the surreal French cinema of the 1970's and the innovators in musique-concrete at the INA-GRM.

on YouTube...
collage of 5 smaller pieces
Only A Square Of Naked Earth
Significant Skirmish
Psycho Groove

First edition of 12 numbered copies - released 13 October 2014

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