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Auricle AMCDR 179  68'57"  CDR £7.00 + p&p

1. Through Moribund Technology to a World of Smoke 3'02"
The Devil's Wave 17'02"
The Sonic Rack 10'21"
The Machine Dreams 8'51"
The Gift 15'53"
The Artful Toys 3'20"
Toward Oblivion 19'51"

Electroacoustic music © 2004 David Hindmarch.
Auricle reissue © 2011, first edition May 2011 of 10 copies.

...The Devil's Wave is his debut as an electroacoustic music soloist, and it's a pretty impressive one. Largely, David's method of sound construction is in the vein of INA.GRM artists like Parmegiani, Bayle or Zanési, although his compositional style is quite different. His main tool is a computer, with which he uses a useful sound manipulation tool called Granulab. This can twist sound in real time, making the capture of live performance possible, instead of tedious hours of applying effects, cutting, pasting and mixing. Of course, the next stage is then much simpler, placing the elements in a multi-track for a final mix-down. I imagine that Dave also does a lot more tweaking and manipulation as well, as the environments he creates are very complex, sometimes subtle, sometimes really dynamic, and always engaging.
extract from Audion magazine

on YouTube...
Through Moribund Technology to a World of Smoke
The Machine Dreams
The Artful Toys

Originally a private David Hindmarch CDR in an edition of 50 copies - released ?/?/2004.
First Auricle CDR edition - 10 copies - released ?/?/2011.

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