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The Interstellar Cementmixers

UK 10.00

Europe 13.50

World 15.00

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Auricle AMCDR 252 56'46" CD-R 8.00 + p&p

1. Manequin Ambergine 22'11"
Gelatine Ambassador 6'44"
Masquerade de L'inflammables 6'51"
Collapsable Machete 5'12"
Electronic Rain 15'35"

Recorded between July 1995 & Jan 1996 at Foaming Lung Studio, Nottingham by Rich and Dump.
Originally released on cassette: MC (Planet X PX 2025) in 1996

Rich & Dump: synthesizers, keyboards, electronics, other instruments.

Quite possibly the debut of when Nottingham's prime space-cadets really got it together, or to quote what I said in Audion #38 "The latest tape to beam over here via the GPO from Planet X, is another Interstellar Cementmixers excursion weirdly titled MANEQUIN AMBERGINE, an oozing slab of synths and dark soundscaping. Typical of their style, although a bit more melodic than previously, getting closer to some earlier works by Nightcrawlers and Lightwave."
This is the first ever reissue of this classic (previously) cassette only release, now subtly remastered for great vivid sound.

"This group was formed in 1987 in Nottingham by two guys, Dump (Stephen Martin) and Rich (Richard Collins). Both basically play synthesizers and nothing more. Quite experimental Black Space, comparable to Lightwave or Tangerine Dream circa Zeit." from Encyclopedia of Electronic Music - I www.pugachov.ru/eem/i.html

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Electronic Rain

20 copy numbered first edition - released 3/4/2017

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