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Auricle AMCDR 124 61'07" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Reaching Beyond The Sphere 1 9'18"
2. Flames Within Morning 5'32"
3. Shatter Box 6'46"
4. What Next? 3'35"
5. Second Wind 5'29"
6. Soft Pretense 2'33"
7. Midnight 7'57"
8. Quarter Star 3'15"
9. Undivided Attention 7'02"
10. Reaching Beyond The Sphere 2 8'55"

Recorded at Anvil Creations (1986).

Ken Moore: Mini-Moog & ARP Odyssey synthesizers, Hammond organ, ARP String Ensemble, drums, balaphon.
David Wayne Myers: electric guitars, nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, effects.
+ John Schneider: bass guitar (7,8).

Ken Moore (synths, organ, drums) had hinted at it before, with some experimental rock tracks featuring drums and Mellotron on earlier releases, yet he'd never gone the whole hog and done a rock album before. What he needed was the collaboration of a like-minded guitarist. Joining forcxes with David Wayne Myers (guitars), they were one of the smallest ever rock bands, Ken in multi-instrumental mode, with David adding chords, riffs and sizzling lead-lines/solos. "Reaching Beyond The Sphere" did just that, one foot in the past with an instrumental progressive rock it brought the 1970's Euro-prog sound (Shylock, SFF, ELP, etc.) into the 1980's, and pushed ahead. Complex, carefully crafted prog with wedges of keyboards (organ and synths) and lots of guitar solos, Moore/Myers is prog-rock Auricle style!

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Reaching Beyond The Sphere 1

Originally a cassette - approx 80 copies - released ?/6/1987.
First CDR edition - released ?/?/2007.
Second CDR edition - released 12/5/2014.

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