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Auricle AMCDR 133 54'44" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Just In Time 4'43"
2. Memory Mode 5'05"
3. Impact 4'05"
4. Chronometry 3'13"
5. Almega 4'24"
6. Progressive Behaviour 6'02"
7. Time To Cross 3'36"
8. Light Years 2'54"
9. The Aging Process 6'17"
10. Acceleration 3'50"
11. Running Into Time 10'12"

Recorded at Anvil Creations
Produced by Ken Moore Anvil Creations 1988
Mastering & cover design by Alan Freeman
Auricle Music 2008

Ken Moore: keyboards, drums, sampler.
David Wayne Myers: guitars.

For some reason we didn't get down to releasing this originally, although Ken certainly sent us the master tape with the intention of us doing so. As far as I recall, I wasn't overwhelmed by the EQ of the master, it was too thin sounding and a mite shrill. In those days it wasn't so easy to remaster and tweak a recording as it is today. I asked Ken if he could do a new mix but nothing ever arrived, so the project was shelved and forgotten.

After that Ken also supplied two tracks for our "Escape From The Cage" compilation series, at which time the Moore/Myers project had expanded and become the Ken Moore Group. "Still Looking" and "Window" featured on Escape From The Cage volume 1: "Space-Rock & the 4th Dimension" are brilliant examples of classic 1970s prog, but recorded in the late 1980s!

It wasn't until we received an email from David, enquiring if we'd ever issued "Nine Day's Wonder" that I dug out the master to re-evaluate it, and was surprised by how good it was. After converting it to digital it was pretty easy to trim-off the hiss and fatten the sound, but I still couldn't get it quite to professional standards as intensifying the mid-range ruined the dynamics, losing that 1970s feel, so I just tweaked it enough to make it sound good whilst not losing the feel that was no doubt intended. A gem that would have been lost, now released for the very first time. Enjoy!

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Progressive Behaviour
The Aging Process

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/?/2008.
Second edition (quantity not specified) - released 12/5/2014.

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