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Auricle AMCDR 223 36'56" CD-R 8.00 + p&p

1. Prelude To Blobs 10'16"
2. Blobs 8'12"
3. The Unseeing Eyes Of The Sun, The Unhearing Ears Of The Moon 3'36"
4. Post-Blob Examination - No More Blobs, No Blobs No More 14'43"

Music by AMA: Ashley Clarke, Michael Clough, Andy Davis.
Recorded somewhere in Yorkshire circa 1988.

Original cassette: Poultry Productions PP 6 1988 Duration: 36:56
License: Richard Errington.
Digital transfer in 2007, and final remaster 13 July 2016 by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio. Cover art: Mackeral/Risotto. Layout: Xylem.

Hey, Real Slack: drums, percussion, mistakes.
Hi Col, Huge Clam: bass, mistakes.
A VD Sin Day: guitar, mistakes.

Also present:
Burki: soldering.
Risotto: effects on "Blobs", extra percussion on "No More...".


AMA - NOT BLOBS (Poultry Productions PP6) MC

AMA: part of Rancid Poultry along with a drummer, are more of a throwback to the late 60's/early 70's being basically a space-rock freak-out for guitar: 'mistakes covered up by lots of effects and by playing very quickly', bass and drums. It was performed live as you hear it. Of course, such music is about as un-hip as one could be these days, and for daring to be so I think they should be duly rewarded. Fashions, and trendiness suck anyway. Though the musicianship isn't great, and the facts that a bit more guts in the bass department and some extra forethought in the composition of the tracks wouldn't have gone amiss, this is still a really goad tape of music in a genre that still hasn't been fully explored. I for one hope they heed my advice and continue to give more of the same, or even better, music.

Alan Freeman (Audion #8, page 26 - May 1988)

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First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 22/8/2016

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