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Auricle AMCDR 229 54'11" CD-R 8.00 + p&p

1. Gross In Grain And Gritty To The Touch
/ Preston Gubbals While Quatt Fitz
2. R.U.G. 1'56"
3. Itchy Bed 2'42"
4. Dogpole Dirge 1'57"
5. Necroborborygmus 9'44"
6. No Parking 2'55"
7. Aleatoresis:-
Blood Crypt Solitude,
Dung-Beetles Bark "Prohibition!"
8. 7 Up - Enigmaranus 4'51"

Recorded completely 'live' at Steve's on the 25th & 27th July 1987.
Composed by Rancid Poultry.
Post production: E.C. Calvert.

Original cassette: Poultry Productions PP1 1987 Duration: 54:11
License: Richard Errington.
Digital transfer in 2007, and remaster August/September 2016 by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio.
Cover art: front cover Mackeral, inner picture Risotto. Layout: Xylem.

Mackeral "Rub-It" Cloth: electric bass, synthesizer, guitar, voice.
Steve Davis: synthesizers, keyboard, voice, & general percussiveness.
Risotto Drake: electric guitar, voices, keyboards.
Andy Davis: lead guitar on the second side (6-8).


"From Heldon via Hawkwind to Nekropolis to Guru Guru and lots of more esoteric places! This one's full of surprises!"


These guys definitely dont want to be taken seriously, especially with their titles and whacko psychedelic doodle covers!

ROCK N ROLL... declares that it will die, note the double negative! However, this cassette contains some excellent music, not really the step on from DELICATE CREATURES (reviewed in Audion #3 p.28) that I expected, and no Mellotron samples -what?! Preston Gubbals While Quatt Fitz is a truly magnificent piece of Heldon-esque rock, oppressive and fierce it rattles on relentlessly with mock Pinhas guitar to the fore. Aleatoresis finds them really cutting it with some excellent riffing in the style of early Hawkwind, brilliant guitar work, lots of bubbling synths and a great rhythm, as Steve says - so unfashionable, but so bloody good! Necrobortborygmus though, shows their darker side with brooding electronics, effects and other spooky sounds creating a really great atmosphere. Elsewhere, they explore other musical regions, some really interesting and some less so, in fact the only cut I actually dont like is Itchy Bed - it just riles me!

[amendment to that review - I actually quite like "Itchy Bed" now, and surprising that I made no mention of the rather obvious Nekropolis dedication]

Alan Freeman (Audion #6, page 31 - October 1987)

on YouTube...
Aleatoresis extract

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 24/10/2016
Second edition of 20 numbered copies - released 8/7/2018

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