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Auricle AMCDR 257 53'28" CD-R 8.00 + p&p

original mixes...

1. Breaking Gas 2'49"
2. Splinters Of Plasma, pt.1 5'54"
3. Splinters Of Plasma, pt.5 3'44"
4. Bism 3'06"
5. Congress Of The Autumn Dogs 4'54"
6. Splinters Of Plasma, pt.5 (Alternative Experience) 0'21"
7. Splinters Of Plasma, pt.4 5'45"
8. Homage Au Heldon (complete version) 15'38"

bonus alternative mixes...

10. Breaking Gas 2'31"
11. Bism 3'45"
12. Congress Of The Autumn Dogs 4'35"

Originally unreleased Poultry Productions 199?
License: Richard Errington.
Digital transfer in 2007, and remaster 2017 by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio.
Cover art: Mackeral, adaptation/design/layout: Xylem.

Ashley Clarke: drums.
Risotto Drake: guitars, etc.
Mackeral Cloth: bass, synthesizer.
Steve Davis: synthesizers.

Originally planned as the first Ultima Thule vinyl release in the early 1990s, but only ever published as some demo copies on cassette, this is the first ever release of this lost Rancid Poultry album! Expect the unexpected with these explorative innovators, elements as diverse as Metabolist, Nekropolis, Guru Guru and Heldon meet here, all in that world where space rock meets "what rock?" The original LP was to feature a shorter version of Homage Au Heldon (around 12 minutes), but luckily the complete version on tape survived, along with some very different mixes of three tracks included here as a special bonus!

on YouTube...
Splinters Of Plasma, pt.1
Homage Au Heldon (taster mix)

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 17/4/2017

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