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Auricle AMCDR 051 74'59" CD-R 7.00 + p&p

1. Inkling 2'08"
2. Vista 5'20"
3. Electronic Machination 1'55"
4. Aphrodite's Terra 15'40"
5. Everyone Drinks, Everyone Die 6'16"
6. Low Hazard 11'23"
7. Doubling Head Disaster 2'02"
8. Godless 11'11"
9. 90 Atmospheres 18'40"

Recorded at Dave's home Nov. 2002, Feb-June 2004.
Mixdown by Dave with Alan Freeman handling the digital transfer and mastering at Tachyon Studio, July-Aug 2004.

Dave Powell: Hurdy-Gurdy, glockenspiel, xylophone, African drum, kalimba, wine glasses, leg bells, recorder, radio, voice, Zoom GFX-8 guitar effects.

Here we have not only the patent Dave Powell electrified hurdy-gurdy but now also a battery of percussion instruments and assorted ethnic things like Morris Dancer's leg bells, kalimba (African miniature thumb piano), recorder and other things at hand. There's much more use of processing than on his debut too. Hence the unlikely title, and hence the resulting unlikely music! Dave's set for creating a genre that's all his own! And, oh yes - Beware the "Low Hazard".

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Low Hazard

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/9/2004.

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