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Auricle AMCDR 210 S 9'41" CD-R 3.00 + p&p

Psycho Groove remixes by

1. Psycho Groove 1 4'07"
2. Psycho Groove 2 5'32"

Original music by Ruin, recorded by Stu
Totally remixed and reconstructed by Alan Freeman at Tachyon studio 2014-2015
Cover pictures by Curly, Layout by Alan

Ruin on these recordings comprise
1: Curly, Stu, Craig, Jack & Wilf
2: Curly, Stu, Jack, Craig & Paul

A different mix of Psycho Groove 1 appeared on Alan Freeman's conceptual remix
album Topology Of A Phantom City, released on CDR as Auricle AMCDR 205 in 2014.

Ruin always had a Krautrocky Faust like touch about them. But never so much as on this groove-along instrumental remix single. I guess I first got the idea of doing something like this with the Triax track "Godzilla" and there was definitely a Faust "So Far" meets Nurse With Wound / Stereolab thing about the rhythm when I first tweaked it. So, a track from my solo (totally remixed again) plus a new more lethargic (elements of "Outside The Dream Syndicate" gone slightly dyslexic) more restrained "B Side" and a totally unique release from Auricle. It should be a hit!

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Psycho Groove edit

First edition of 20 numbered copies - released 21/10/2015.

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