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Going Outside
Killer Sharks In The Rainforest
Eyebrow Cow



Auricle AMCDR 293 71'05" CD-R 8.00 + p&p

1. Cut The Head Off 9'24"
2. Going Outside 7'01"
3. Strip Of Cloth 5'54"
4. The Corpse Is Lying In The Garden 6'44"
5. Mental Disturbance 6'05"
6. Killer Sharks In The Rainforest 11'10"
7. Move Slightly Sadistic Buffalo 8'50"
8. Eyebrow Cow 4'58"
9. The Red Snake Is Walking Home 10'38"

Improvised sessions from Spring 2017.
Recorded by Stu at Stayfree.
1-3: 2017-03-27
4-6: 2017-05-04
7-8: 2017-05-18
9: 2017-05-25

Compiled, mastered, mixed, plus additional effects and processing
by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio 10-11 January 2019.
Art by Curly, design by Alan.
Produced by Auricle 2019.

Curly: vocals, guitar, violin, toys, flute, effects, etc.
Stu: drums, percussion, electronic percussion
Jack: guitar, effects
Paul: bass

Culled from 4 sessions in Spring 2017, this a largely groove oriented collection of almost-song/semi-jam numbers and a few more spacey pieces. Most of the lyrics are actually more ritualistic chants and seem to be about unsavoury dream recollections. The music is thus patent Ruin, and not at all. As usual, there's lots in the way of new ideas, and many surprises within the 9 tracks.

First edition (20 numbered copies) - released 28/1/2019:

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