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The Scanner Game - Courteous, artwork by Alan Freeman

UK 7.00

Europe 11.00

World 12.00

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Auricle AMCDR 068 47'49" CD-R 5.00 + p&p

1. Dad, Have You Been Drinking? I Was Courteous! 47'49"

Steve Freeman: live and prepared looping, turntable, voice.
Jim Tetlow: keyboard, sound canvas, voice, loops.
Alan Freeman: bowed and looped guitar, synthesizers.
Chris Conway: keyboards, theremin, synthesizers, flutes, vocals, kalimba.
Andy Fitzsimons: congas, percussion.
Mick Oxtoby: electric violin.
Dave Powell: electric hurdy-gurdy.
Simon Styring: guitar, claps, stamps, voice.


The complete big jam at The Musician pub, Leicester, 28 June 2005, with the 6 Scanner Game musicians augmented by a guitarist and hurdy-gurdy player. Such a powerful cosmic excursion, this is only mixed and balanced (not edited), for an as authentic as we can get it document of this extraordinary work.

This is quite unprecedented really, that such a great opus could spring out of nothing. The sound is big, dark, but never threatening, although on occasions the tumults and crescendos do reach quite ecstatic highs. Amazingly, virtually all the instruments make their mark and have their say, with melody riding against dissonance, and a great sense of space throughout. If you thought the free live improvisation just meant a random noise, this fine balance of music and weirdness may well make you think again!

A brief word about the track title, and a tradition that goes back to the days of The Rain Garden, with Planet Scanners titles being chosen by page and line number from the "latest cheesy sci-fi novel" that Chris Conway is reading at the time (The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson here, ta Jim!). An intriguing and unique idea, resulting in some very odd titles!

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Dad, Have You Been Drinking? I Was Courteous! (extract)

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/9/2005.

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