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Es Ist Schon Kurz Vor 12




Auricle AMCDR 020  56'27"  CD-R deleted

1. Hollentanz 5'35"
2. Rabe In Der Nacht 8'58"
3. Es Ist Schon Kurz Vor 12 6'25"
4. Guitarre Wlaurniam 4'57"
5. Suleika 6'19"
6. Schwarz Voll Weiss 1'51"
7. 7/5 4'57"
8. Kinder In Der Wildnis 5'37"
9. Hollentanz reprise 2'35"
10. Powolerman 4'14" *
11. Suleika reprise 4'50" *

Composed & produced by Günter Schickert.
Recorded in Berlin, Germany (1983).
Original release © 1983 by Günter Schickert & YHR.
Auricle cassette reissue (Auricle AMC 009) © 1987.
* 10 & 11 are bonus tracks © 1985, from "A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird".
Renovation & mastering by Alan Freeman at Tachyon Studio (May 2002).

Günter Schickert: guitars, tapes, vocals, percussion, trumpet..

Günter introduced his Kraut/new-wave sound to the world a little bit on his second LP release "Uberfallig", and then he took it much further with this 1983 album. It's a shame that no one was daring enough to issue "Children In The Wilderness" as an LP release, as it was at the new cutting-edge of Krautrock. The little YHR label run by David Elliot of Neumusik issued it as a cassette in the UK, but that soon disappeared, and when we contacted Günter he was keen that we reissued it, and was then really pleased again when we proposed to reissue it, digitally remastered and repaired with bonus tracks! It's a gem that stands out of time, it is often challenging, sublimely daring, and full of surprises.

Originally a cassette on YHR Tapes ‎– YHR031 - released ?/?1983.
Dark Star cassette reissue - quantity unknown - released ?/?/1985.
Auricle cassette reissue (various editions) - quantity unknown - released ?/?/1986.
First CDR edition - released ?/5/2002.
Second CDR edition - released ?/?/2004.
Third CDR edition - released ?/?/2005.
Fourth CDR edition - released ?/1/2013.
Fifth CDR edition - released ?/5/2013.
LP & CD edition from Bureau B in Germany - released 22/11/2013 (different mix)

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