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World 19.00

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Auricle AMCDR 177/8 110'31" 2xCD-R 11.00 + p&p

disc 1...
1. Fire 29'17"
2. Air 25'12"

disc 2...
1. Water 24'42"
2. Earth 31'16"

Recorded live direct to digital at Tachyon Studio, Leicester 24/10/2010.
Sparingly pruned/edited 18/02/2011 by Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman: keyboards, electronics, computer, guitar.
Steve Freeman: electronics, sounds, tapes, discs & platter.
Dave Powell: flute, hurdy gurdy, guitar.

It occasionally happens, a Triax session that is so inspired and groundbreaking that it has to be released as an album, as it is with no serious editing or post-production. Well, okay, that wasn't quite the case here as some pruning was needed, largely due to technical faults like feedback & overload/glitches, etc., which we don't want do we? Also I missed a few lame/uninteresting passages to give it a more dynamic flow. The results are a seriously impressive double album proving that Triax are by no means running out of steam or new ideas, but growing, developing and changing....
Elements is just 4 big surreal mind movies, audio paintings, sonic journeys - call them what you will - that each flow and develop through many changes. A lot of "musical" guitar from Dave on this one, and "melodic" organ/synth/mellotron from Alan, all counterpointing Steve's audioscape work, fleshing out the Triax you may know with a lot that you've never heard before. Think "Spiral Insana" era NWW, very early Klaus Schulze, Parmegiani, Bayle, Italian experimentalists, etc. All that sometimes, none of that on occasions (going places even we've never heard before). Typical Triax then?

on YouTube...

First edition (quantity not specified) - released ?/6/2011.
Second edition (quantity not specified) - released 29/10/2014.

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