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Auricle AMDL 001 bandcamp download
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duration: 75'47"

1. Is Nothing Said 14'26"
Relative Tension 14'17"
A Saucerful Of Revelations 23'01"
Brain Drain 23'57"

Previously unreleased sessions, recorded at Tachyon Studio, Leicester: 2 January 2003, 17 February 2003, 26 May 2003, and 29 December 2003.
Published on Bandcamp October 2010.

Alan Freeman: guitar with Zoom effects, Roland SH-32 synth, Alesis Air FX, Roland GR-33 guitar synth, voice, loops, Irish whistle, etc..
Steve Freeman: bass with Korg ToneWorks and Zoom effects, guitar, loops, turntable, cymbals, Yamaha CS-5, Korg MS20 & Octave Cat synths.
Dave Powell: hurdy-gurdy, objects, effects.

I guess that not many bands have left-overs that amount to a great album! But that's the case here, and an ideal introduction to the early Triax sound. And to think, I just compiled it for our own reference originally, only realising how good it was when I re-listened to it many years later. For those that don't know, Triax are Dave Powell and his electrified hurdy-gurdy accompanied by experimental musicians Alan and Steve Freeman, aka Alto Stratus. Top quality recording, huge tracks, challenging music! Now, what more could you want for just a fiver?!

exclusive previously unreleased recordings from the sessions of...

Bandcamp download - released 1/10/2010.
Routenote distributed download - released 27/3/2019.

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