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Although this release is no longer
available, it is possible that copies
may turn up. i.e. rediscovered stock,
promos or second-hand. If so,
it will be listed on Discogs, or in the
UT catalogue, or on the news page.


Auricle AMSCDR 006  71'20"  CDR DELETED

1. Peter Frohmader - Pharaonische Grabkammar 9'30"
2. Colin Potter - Potters Wheel 6'20"
3. Alto Stratus (Region 5) - In The Cage Of Crystal Moonlight 5'49"
4. Conrad Schnitzler - 1·11·84 7'18"
5. Alto Stratus (Adhara) - Alucian Landscape 8'00"
6. Peter Frohmader - Sepulchral Choirs 11'48"
7. Paul Kelday - Timelord 5'11"
8. New 7th Music - Tlazolteotl 5'25"
9. Aussenminister - City Wolf 4'36"
10. Input - Heavy Street 4'29"
11. Rollkomanndo - Nude Picture 2'17"

Selections from the 2 cassette release, all wrapped-up onto a CDR.

Acclaimed compilation of original specially commissioned material covering the unique range of music from the 80s experimental underground. Originally issued as a 2 cassette set (A: melodic synth and cosmic music, B: experimental synths and electronics, C: rock and new-wave underground, D: avant-garde and industrial).
   Originally planned as a numbered edition of 500 copies, only 200 or so were actually issued as such. Some were also sold as single cassettes in regular cases (approx. 20 of each). Excess covers/stickers have been used for the various cassette and CD-R releases (this and the "Escape From The cage" series).
   The CD-R version collects all the (unavailable elsewhere) material that we still have the licence for on 1 disc, remastered from the original tapes.

The cover art was by the late Peter Harrison, and the inspiration for the title too, which was a deliberate misquote of “I am a cage, in search of a bird” by Franz Kafka, and a dedication to the paintings "The Therapist" 1937 by Rene Magritte and "Bird Cage" by Slavador Dali.

on YouTube
A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird selections

free download of the complete original cassette set

Originally a 2 cassette set - #500 planned edition, approx 200 actually sold - released ?/4/1985.
Printed artwork was re-used for CDR version and various Escape From The Cage releases
First CDR edition - 50 copies approx - released ?/?/2002.
CDR version currently available as mp3 and flac download

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