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Various artists
exclusive compilations & samplers


Original material...
A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird
Escape From The Cage 1 - Space-Rock & the 4th Dimension
Escape From The Cage 2 - Into The Underworld
Escape From The Cage 3 - Images Of Infinity
Auricle Archive - Rarities
Auricle Archive - Rarities 2
Auricle Archive - Illuminated Pleasures
Auricle Archive - A Breeze Of Time

UT Golden Hour
Auricle CDR 2001 sampler
The Cosmic Auricle & Other Eggshells

Download specials...
A Few Electroacoustic Musique-Concrete Sound-Collage Releases

Split release...
Alto Stratus / Triax - Live EQ & SOL 2008

also available...
Ponder This

Many of the items on this page
are deleted or are last stock
copies. A few more one-off
various artist items may be
found at our Discogs shop.


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